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The cellular billboard in entrance of the workplaces in West Virginia urges Manchin to marketing campaign for the passage of the Dream Act

Proponents started the mobile billboards as the most recent poll sHow does the majority of voters in the state – nearly two-thirds – support the legalization of undocumented young immigrants? The poll also found that more than half of voters in the state also support citizenship for key undocumented workers. Another half say immigrants believe immigrants make their state a better place to live.

“Senator Manchin recently expressed support for the Dream Law. specification “We have children who have come here and have no homeland other than America. There should be a way for our dreamers to do this, ”the West Virginia ACLU said in a statement.

While Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer has reportedly "actively investigated" the passage of immigration laws through reconciliation, doing so would require the approval of the Chamber MP and the support of a united Senate Democratic caucus, including Manchin.


Did you see our mobile billboard making its rounds in all of Sen Manchin's offices last week? Our new poll found that nearly 2/3 of WV voters support the Dream Act, which would provide a route to citizenship for those brought to the United States as children. More: https: // …

– ACLU from WV (@ACLU_WV) May 10, 2021

For the second time since the program was launched in 2012, DACA (Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals) program beneficiaries gathered at the White House on Friday to meet with the President. The six DACA recipients pointed to an upcoming court ruling that could again jeopardize the program shared their stories and continued to push for urgent, permanent legislative relief for undocumented communities.

"Our lives have been in limbo for far too long," said Maria Praeli in a statement received by Daily Kos. “Any day that Congress fails to pass permanent legislative protection – for dreamers and DACA recipients like me, TPS owners, farm workers, and the entire undocumented population – is a day that hurts us all. It is incredibly painful for our individual lives, for our families who are afraid of being separated from our loved ones, and for our country every day that Congress does not act. "

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