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Information Abstract: DeJoy Below Investigation; Gaetz probe widens; Trump is planning new rallies

DeJoy now joins fellow RNC finance team members Steve Wynn, Elliott Broidy and Michael Cohen on the subject of a federal criminal investigation. It's almost like criminal behavior is a requirement for entry into the club …

On the News Today: Postmaster General Louise DeJoy joins the ranks of Trump allied officials known to be under federal investigation. Republican MP Matt Gaetz, who is already under investigation for alleged sex trafficking in minors, is now being investigated over a possible cover-up plan. Donald Trump will soon resume public rallies – but according to allies, he's now so delusional that he believes he could get back in office by August and overthrow Joe Biden. Does he intend to get a new audience to take violent action to enforce these plans?

Here are some of what you might have missed:

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