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Information Roundup: Manchin and Pence and DeSantis, oh my, together with ongoing assaults on Fauci

On the News Today: Senator Joe Manchin, the slowest learner in the Senate, appears to believe that Senate Republican minority leader Mitch McConnell has learned his lesson and that there should be another vote on the commission on Jan. 6. Because unicorns. Former Vice President Mike Pence agrees that he and Donald Trump will never be "on par with all of this insurgent mob that tried to hang him up." In other news, Pence doesn't believe there is systemic racism, so we already know how tightly he controls reality. Republican Governor Ron DeSantis decided that the upcoming anniversary of the Pulse Nightclub massacre would be a good time to fool the survivors along with Florida LGBTQ youth. And the endless attacks on Dr. Anthony Fauci go on unabated.

Here are some of the things you may have missed:

Slowest learner in the Senate says McConnell should get another chance to block a Jan. 6 commission

Yikes Mike Pence prepares for 2024 speaking of the Capitol uprising and systemic racism

Florida governor vetoed funds for Pulse survivors 10 days prior to the massacre anniversary

Conservatives are still looking for someone to be responsible for the COVID-19 deaths other than Donald Trump

And from the community:

The veteran's microphone was cut on purpose for speaking about the role of blacks in creating Memorial Day

At least 10 states have redirected state welfare funds to anti-abortion clinics since 2001!

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