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Gretchen Whitmer met with formal Florida journey grievance by Michigan GOP – calls for for authorized motion

Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer, D, was hit by even more bad news this week when her state's Republican Party filed a formal complaint against her over her infamous trip to Florida. Republicans also demanded that the Michigan Secretary of State take legal action against them.

The complaint Fox News received was filed by Michigan's GOP on Friday. She claims Whitmer "committed numerous violations of the Michigan Campaign Finance Act" as a result of her "four-day luxury trip" to visit her father in South Florida.

Whitmer met with complaint from Republicans

After the complaint was filed, Michigan Republican Party executive Jason Cabel Roe said that Whitmer's actions "surrounded this secret luxury trip to Florida is just another example of their hypocrisy and incompetent leadership during the pandemic".

"Despite the governor's alleged safety concerns with commercial travel, she is not above the law and must be held accountable," he added.

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Michigan Democratic Party spokeswoman Rodericka Applewhaite fired back defending Whitmer.

"Governor Whitmer has been recognized for her leadership during the pandemic and Republicans know it. That's why they have already spent half a million dollars and a lot of time and effort attacking them," she said.

“These are just partisan and bogus complaints regarding the MI GOP's never-ending obstruction of Governor Whitmer's successful handling of the pandemic, while at the same time doing everything in their personal, professional, and legislative skills to put Michigan on the back burner , the pandemic and making it difficult for our economy to recover, ”added Applewhaite.

Whitmer was seriously alleged

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The lawsuit against Whitmer alleges that she “used a private Gulfstream jet,” provided by Michigan chemical company PVS Chemicals, and notes that the current position of the governor's team is “that the cost of luxury jets is either paid by the company be ”or your campaign.

"Regardless of which company pays for the trip, there has been a clear violation of the (Michigan Campaign Finance Act) that should be investigated and punished immediately to deter future continued illegal activities by the defendants," the complaint added.

The complaint then set out how Whitmer's office contacted PVS Chemicals about the flight and “four-day” trip where they did not notify “the Florida Department of Law Enforcement” or the Palm Beach County authorities of their trip, which Whitmer “admits ““ Was a personal journey through a lawyer.

"It is undisputed that Governor Whitmer's trip to Florida was personal and not related to official business or campaign activities," the complaint read. "Governor Whitmer admitted through his attorney that the trip to Florida was to visit her father."

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Michigan GOP fights for taxpayers

The Michigan GOP doesn't believe taxpayers should pay the bill for this trip.

"There is no other person or organization that should have paid for the governor's luxurious personal trip to Florida except for Governor Whitmer himself," the document reads. "That is perfectly clear given the numerous complaints filed against her and the organizations associated with this trip with various state and federal agencies."

"We ask the Foreign Minister to investigate this behavior immediately and to punish all those responsible to the full extent of the law," concluded the complaint.

This piece was written by James Samson on June 5th, 2021. It originally appeared in LifeZette and is used with permission.

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