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Trump is doing his large return coverage together with his pants which will run backwards

Donald Trump made his return to politics in North Carolina, but what caught all the attention was his wrinkled pants that appeared to be upside down.

Video of the infamous Trump pants:

Trump's pants are not photoshoped. Here is the video.

– Travis Akers (@travisakers) June 6, 2021

A closer look:

We asked Donald Trump what the focus of his NC speech would be. He said, "It depends. But definitely something backward." #Trumppants

– Miss Laurie Lehner (@AndTheBandAides) June 6, 2021

Trump's pants don't seem to have a zipper in the front, and given the strange way they fit on his legs, it's easy to see how the idea of ​​him wearing them backwards came to life on Twitter.

It's bad news for the former failed president and Republicans who are hoping he will lead them back to victory that the big story that comes out of North Carolina isn't about what he had to say, but who he is it's trend for his pants.

Republicans have already claimed the pants were Photoshoped and that will likely soon mean that this is a socialist conspiracy to get Trump by attacking his pants.

One of the reasons Trump won in 2016 was because the media elevated him and took him seriously. That dynamic changed during his presidency, and now the failed blogger is treated like a supporting actor-clown who can't even properly wear pants.

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