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Biden-Admin threatens to sue Texas over Abbott's cynical assault on asylum-seeking kids

What makes Abbott's trolling worse is that it appears to be threatening to put vulnerable children back into dangerous conditions. When capacity constraints at HHS-licensed facilities earlier this year resulted in longer incarceration of children in unsuitable Customs and Border Protection (CBP) facilities, the Biden government opened a number of emergency sites to accommodate children while officials checked sponsorships. Proponents have similarly criticized these temporary facilities for lacking the same licenses as contract facilities.

But even more kids could end up on these very temporary sites by Abbott's orders. "Unlike traditional shelters, the emergency facilities are not licensed by government agencies and would not be affected by Abbott's policy," reported CBS News. "Lawyers have expressed concern that Abbott's order could cause federal officials to move children from traditional Texas shelters to the unlicensed emergency facilities that include converted military bases, labor camps and convention centers."

lawyers have urged the use of these temporary camps only as a last resort and that the children are held there as briefly as possible. This should also apply to licensed institutions. But Abbott's move to shut down facilities in the state could also increase the risk of children ending up in prolonged CBP detention again. According to the law, they should be transferred from CBP to HHS within 72 hours. But thousands of children have been detained in the Ministry's border facilities beyond this legal limit for days Homeland Security Minister Alejandro Mayorkas himself said: "There is no place for a child".

"This news comes as no surprise," said America’s Voice. "Governor Abbott – who only Trump" advocates for re-election yesterday — repeated inflamed immigration problems to appeal to white grudges. ”Mario Carrillo, the organization's Texas-based campaign manager, slammed Abbott's games, say "(t) be political ploy will only further endanger children who are already fleeing dangerous situations in their home country. ”In the days since Abbott's threat, leading voices from refugee rights to a senior elected official have condemned the Republican.

"This is a transparent and disturbing ploy to politicize a humanitarian crisis." Lutheran Immigration and Refugee Service President Krish O’Mara Vignarajah said, according to The Washington Post. "With Texas-based shelters making up a significant portion of US capacity, this arrangement could do real harm and seriously affect the well-being of children. "On a Twitter thread, RAICES said,"Abbott uses facilities that house migrant children as a distraction from its dire government. If he was caring for kids in TX, he'd be spending money on child welfare instead of putting tons of dollars into unnecessary border armed response for children seeking asylum.

"Migrant children are already in a precarious position and should not be used as political pawns to advance Abbott's right-wing agenda," RAICES continued. In her tweet, El Paso Rep. Veronica Escobar wrote that Abbott has decided to “cement his legacy as a would-be Trump clone who is cruel. Can Texas Republicans sink any deeper than attacking children at risk?

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