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Capitol Police Officer warns January sixth was "the tip of the iceberg" as Republicans oppose the risk

In addition to his 17 years with the Capitol Police, Blassingame is also a former US Marine. However, this experience did not prepare him for the violence he experienced from his American compatriots. After being pushed back from outside the Capitol, Blassingame joined other officers defending a corridor inside the building. In fact, on the first floor of the Capitol, Blassingame was surrounded by "angry" Trump supporters who tossed a collection of items at the officers before charging forward to attack them with their fists and flagpoles. Eventually, a wave of insurgents pushed Blassingame away from the other officers, smacked him against a stone pillar, injured his back and caused a concussion. During this attack, Blassingame says that he can no longer count the number of times he has been called (EXPLETIVE DELETED).

"Having to see these people every day and they don't have our backs."

But perhaps the most painful part of Blassingame's interview isn't when he talks about his injuries or even the hideous racism of the Trump crowd. It is when he talks about the Republican lawmakers that he himself risked that day. What really catches the blow is that Republicans are trying to make it look like nothing happened, even while he is still suffering from the physical assault he suffered.

"Something as simple as handing over a commission or trying to take it over at the end of the day, bad as it was, we did our job," said Blassingame. "For example, no member of Congress was injured, you know?"

But that commission was turned down in the Senate by Republicans who filibustered to prevent any investigation into the January 6th events. Now the same republicans can smugly walk the halls of Blassingame and others who will be defended without hesitation.

“Having to see these people every day and they don't have our backs. Something as simple as figuring out what happened so it doesn't happen again because my fear is that this was the tip of the iceberg.

There are a lot of people who are radicalized and want just that. And it is – since there is no accountability, it encourages them. "

And when it comes to the January 6th casual dismissal by Republicans in Congress who are determined to put aside the violence of that day by claiming it was "not an armed insurrection," Blassingame has a message that will be repeated should: would think that certain things are above politics, ”said the officer. “I mean, it's unfortunate to say – as bad as it looks in the movie, believe me, it was a lot worse. You can put as much footage together as you like, but I'm telling you, and anyone who's been in this scrum will tell you, it was personally far worse than anything you'll ever see on film. "

The biggest concern Blassingame has raised is not about his own injuries, but about the fact that Republican efforts to dismiss the January 6th events will have only one result: a repetition.

“It's disheartening to have the narrative modified or changed to make it appear different from what it was, especially – we go to work every day and need to protect members of Congress. And for them to come and say, thank you for your service and appreciate what you are doing, but you are not doing it because it is very easy, just to have a commission to find out what happened so that something like that does not happen again happened once. ”

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