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WATCH: Former Müller lawyer says prosecutors could have discovered their Trump group "Insider"

New York prosecutors have been investigating the Trump organization for some time. And the news for the former president just got worse.

In addition to the Trump children, the state is also looking for people who have worked for the family business. The media has focused on CFO Allen Weisselberg, who started his career with Fred Trump.

Andrew Weissman, who worked on Robert Mueller's team, says the investigation may be deeper. He revealed to Ari Melber that another member of the Trump organization might turn around.

The prosecutor told the MSNBC host: "I want to throw away another name that is Jeff McConney because I think he didn't get enough attention because it was reported last week that he was on the state grand jury and is the controller of the Trump organization. ”

Weissmann continued:

“All speculation again, but you are clearly looking for an insider. That is why the focus is so much that Allen Weisselberg tries to find someone who is inside and knows where every penny belongs. Well, that's both the controller and the CFO. So if Jeff McConney cooperates, it may be really bad news for Weisselberg and for the Trump organization and others up to and including the former president. In other words, Manhattan might have found their insider because it would be unusual to put someone like McConney on the state grand jury, where they'll be given immunity once they automatically testify when they don't believe he has something useful available to deliver."

Former Mueller prosecutor Andrew Weissman believes New York prosecutors may have turned over another member of the Trump organization.

– PoliticusUSA (@politicususa) June 10, 2021

Rumor has it that Trump could be indicted before the end of the year. Before that happens, however, it looks like NY prosecutors are hoping to bring an iron case.

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