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"He has his personal agenda": McConnell admits that Trump will not be an ally of the GOP in subsequent yr's midterms

In any case, the relationship between McConnell and Trump remains clearly controversial as ever. And despite the scruffy efforts of Senator Rick Scott, campaign chief of the GOP Senate, to give Trump a fake award, the 2020 loser is determined to use his toxic touch in next year's contests.

Nowhere was that more evident than at the GOP Congress in North Carolina last weekend, where Trump made his first political speech in months. Shortly after a straw poll that showed attendees favored former MP Mark Walker to run for the state's open Senate seat, Trump jumped on the stage and supported far-right MP Ted Budd in the race.

"Many of you don't know him well," Trump said as he called Budd onto the stage. “He's going to fight like hell. He will fight like nobody fights. "

The surprise announcement made Walker and another top Republican candidate, former Governor Pat McCrory, shrink back to dismiss Trump's endorsement as irrelevant. It has also sparked a round of finger pointing in the state party, with McCrory accusing former North Carolina Congressman and Trump Chief of Staff Mark Meadows of supporting the endorsement. But worse, Trump's meddling in state affairs could burden the GOP with a far-right candidate who is a far weaker candidate for the general election than Walker or McCrory.

"We can't let this guy choose our candidates if we're going to be in the Senate majority," a senior Republican strategist told the National Journal.

Perhaps Republicans should have thought of this sooner than when they had a chance to turn Trump down on Jan. 6. It's too late now.

Trump has let off steam in the Senate battlefield states. He blew up Arizona's Attorney General Mark Brnovich for his failure Although Brnovich was ready to attempt to oust Democratic Senator Mark Kelly, there is sufficient election fraud. Brnovich, who has since started his Senate campaign and knows how to win nationwide, is now forced to master Trump's stormy twists and turns.

In Georgia, Trump appears to have frozen the Republican field by supporting the former star who is bringing Herschel Walker back to take on Democratic Senator Raphael Warnock. Walker, who has lived in Texas for years, skipped the Georgia state GOP convention last week – the kind of venue serious candidates tend to flock to.

But the US Senate race isn't the only competition in Georgia that Trump has turned on its head, just as Georgia isn't the only state where Trump is turning the Republican Party into a pit of snakes.

The Republican legislature had a choice after January 6th. Heckuva Job, GOP.

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