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Information Abstract: Lafayette Sq. Report Inconsistent With Proof; January sixth was the "tip of the iceberg"

The first attempt to overthrow a democracy is seldom the last.

On the News Today: Claim by a Trump-appointed Inspector General that the gassing of peaceful protesters had nothing to do with a proposed Trump publicity stunt contradicts known facts. The investigation into the January 6 uprising continues despite attempts by the Republic to blockade. The Arizona "audit" is being questioned by real experts who say they can get a more accurate count without ever leaving their home.

Here are some of what you might have missed:

• Claims that Lafayette Square has not been cleared to Trump do not stand up to even cursory scrutiny

• GOP stone walls aside, the January 6 riot investigations continue to provide new evidence

• A Capitol cop warns January 6th was “the tip of the iceberg” as Republicans oppose the threat

• GOP delays first Indian-US federal human resources director based on racial common sense theory

• Real election experts challenge incompetent "audit" team in Arizona: "Hang up or shut up"

From the community:

• … in the end he had Tylenol for the pain

• Did you see the great annular solar eclipse of 2021 this morning?

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