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Information abstract: Trump's DOJ is investigating bipartisan settlement to not conform to immigration reforms

It is Friday! Another week, another series of confusing uses of the word "non-partisan" by politicians and traditional media. The infrastructure bill, which virtually every American wants and must implement, continues to be held up by anti-democratic politics.

Here are some stories you might have missed:

The DOJ inspector general is launching an investigation into attempts to collect data from the phones of Democratic officials
After the abrupt switch to flashing lights, the rainbow display of Pride Month on Florida Bridge is back on
"You and your family are being killed very slowly": Election workers continue to pursue death threats
Explosion kills more than 2 million people in Puerto Rico
Legislature calls on Merrick Garland to restore asylum law and reform the immigration court
The bipartisan Senate Group on Infrastructure does not agree on whether it is in agreement
The Texas hospital is suspending more than 170 health care workers for getting vaccinated
The Republicans are still attacking Fauci, but they are actually trying to bring down science

And some stories for the Daily Kos community:

SHOCKING! Joe & Jill Biden put on sneakers for a drink on the hotel terrace after the BoJo meeting
NV Parents Go To School Board Meeting To Assassinate Irony, Request Body Cameras For Teachers

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