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Group Highlight acknowledges Redwoodman (1950-2021)

Billy Heron inspects Lily Pool in Redwoodman's backyard

"Redwoodman has shown in an exemplary way what it means to do science in your own garden: to observe nature in your daily life and to be amazed about it, to share what you have learned," observes OceanDiver. “He had an uncanny knack for penetrating the minds of the creatures he knew. He was as humble as a choir frog, wild as a heron, gentle as a pond lily, playful like the squirrel Doug. His hilarious, long-running saga of Frog Court was a stinging satire of the bureaucratic machinations of developers who abuse the legal right to exploit nature. Redwoodman's creativity was both literary and practical. He has done things by standing up for those in need and exposing the exploiters. "

Angmar, who worked with Redwoodman on story writing, remembers him as “one of my first friends here. He was funny, ironic, and knowledgeable about the environment. As a really talented and original writer, I was fortunate to know him. He's probably the most interesting person I've ever met, and he had a heart the size of a retention basin. "

In 2018 Redwoodman wrote about his cancer diagnosis and then told the treatment that resulted in remission a few months later. He claimed that the community support and high spirits made him feel better than the cannabis that "helps me sail amid the tides of anxiety and emotion. "He noted that" Dozens of people confided in their comments that they were going through various stages of their own cancer, from those in full remission that they had battled for a decade through to older men like me with newly discovered prostate cancer … we cried together. Your support has helped me overcome a special kind of loneliness. I will always be amazed that so many people I only know through arguments about politics or Cooper's Hawk identification take the time to express their own feelings in sympathy for my plight. ”This remission ended earlier this year and Redwoodman died at home on May 23.

BrownsBay summed up his memories: “The gentle friendliness of this man just radiated. Such a nice man as he ever was. I am so sad, so very much, for his friends and family. Frog Court is now adjourned. "

OceanDiver claims “I will miss Redwoodman's presence on Daily Kos very much. But I hear him now in the choir of frogs crying joyfully from the wetlands near my house. If you listen, you can hear him too. "

Whether you've met Redwoodman as a union supporter, environmental activist, nature lover, cancer patient, or speaker for frogs, please share your memories in a comment.

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Redwoodman choruses frogs that hatched in a magical backyard pool.

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in the Democrats need more accountability, GShaw proposes eight accountability reforms that can help the Democratic Party fail "An official opposition party … which is allowed to win a few seats, but is faced with a situation so manipulated and manipulated that it is only a symbolic demonstration of democracy." GShaw joined in 2014 and has written 83 stories. This is her first rescue.

The Barnum Effect and the GOP: A look at the freak show examines "the delusions Americans have about ourselves about race, money, and power" through the lens of P. T. Barnum. Vjr7121 claims America is hostage to the "systemic racism that pervades our founding premise," the GOP ignoring what many of the most cited sections of the Constitution really mean. "The Barnum Effect" offers a license to ignore the inconvenient and leads to today's carnivalist approach to politics. Vjr7121 has been a member since 2017 and has written 180 stories, 25 of which were saved.

in the We are not going to leave the electoral college, and I don't even think we should. Do that instead, Textus describes two electoral reforms to "protect us from the instability our system is now showing … What we need is a system that will reduce disputed areas and increase people's rights … It needs to create an electoral college that improves the proportionality of votes reflects "which will reduce or even eliminate the cases in which the loser in the referendum wins the vote." Textus joined in 2004 and has written 119 stories. This could be her first rescue.

Talk to me if is both a poem and a warning. BellaEssex deplores current attempts to suppress dissenting opinions, deny the consequences of climate change and wipe out democracy.

“Talk to me when the sky has darkened the sun

When rivers dry up and when there aren't any

Who can turn back time when flowers stay

And everywhere it looks like an abandoned plain "

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** Yesterday siab also wrote a memorial story that includes more text from Redwoodman's stories telling of his life –RedwoodMan (6412093) left us (update on a more detailed memorial tomorrow / Saturday) – and people left memorial comments.

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