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The title "Donald" is rising in recognition, as is "Karen". Is there any surprise why?

It turned out that the nation's parents took note of this. According to official information, the name "Donald" is no longer très chic.


In 2020, Donald's popularity fell sharply, according to the Social Security Administration's latest list of popular baby names. The name fell 55 places, from 555 for boys in 2019 to 610 last year – its lowest place on the annual list, which dates back to the 1880s.

Donald is now just behind Axton, Dariel, Marvin and Brycen. Last year, only 444 newborns were named Donald, compared to 507 in 2019, 539 in 2018, and 602 in 2017.

Axton? I've never met anyone named Axton. The only name on this short list that I recognize is "Marvin" and mostly because of this little guy. You are in sad, sad company there, Donald.

Donald peaked in 1934 when it was the sixth most popular name for babies. That year 30,408 boys (and 110 girls) were named Donald. Since then, the name has followed a general pattern of decline, though it rose slightly from # 489 to # 485 in 2017, the year of the President Donald Trump Taking office. However, the downtrend returned in the years that followed, and 2020 marked the sharpest decline ever.

No wonder: no progressive will ever call his children "Donald" again. They tend to call it "Covid".

Of course, "Donald" is not the only victim in recent years. For example, if you name your child "Karen," you are likely to expect them to lead an adventurous life of constant whining.

The Seattle-Times:

Nobody wants to name their baby Karen anymore.

The name has grown in popularity over the past year, according to figures from the Social Security Administration.

Over the course of 2020, the Karen name dropped a whopping 171 places on the popularity list, from a low of 660 to 831.

The popularity of various names, of course, has diminished significantly over the years. When I went to elementary school, I had four classmates named "David" and we only had about 20 boys in the class. Then suddenly everyone was called "Jason" and "Heather".

As Donald Trump, the human-like being, prepares to fall into the trash can of history, it's nice to see how many canaries die in his crappy coal mine.

Will his name one day have the reverse seal of approval that “Adolf” enjoys today? It's too early to tell, but hey why not? The guy tried to suppress democracy in broad daylight. I wouldn't call my fungal toenail "Donald" at this point. Right now I tend to call it "Manchin" but that depends a lot on what happens over the next few weeks.

P.S .: For those of you who have already named "Donald" or "Karen", excuse the brutal contempt that these notorious Donalds and Karens have shown you. Maybe you can change your name to "Aldous".

P.P.S .: "Aldous" is also not a popular name. Just for your information. Imagine how popular it could be if I just stopped saying things like "Chernobyl Chunkfarts".

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