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Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene visits the Holocaust Museum, learns completely nothing concerning the Holocaust

The reason for Greene's press conference – sorry, alleged museum visit followed by a press conference – is simple. Greene has been sloshing around in very hot water lately for repeatedly insisting that wearing a mask during a global health crisis is just like how the Nazis made Jews wear yellow star-shaped badges. Greene isn't much of an outlier here when it comes to Republican rhetoric comparing the slightest inconveniences of life to the Holocaust or Nazism in general, but she has run the House of Representatives with a long line of statements, hate speech, and foot-in Mouth Moments Made Unhappy That makes it even harder for the Cheneyl-less team to pretend their movement is something more substantial than QAnon Weirdo screams for Cloud, so here we are.

Greene was sent on an afternoon field trip to write a one-page review, and each of us will hear about it.

As for her announced apology to liken the Holocaust to demanding that she not blow the pandemic death virus directly into other people's noses, there was not much to it. Let's go to The Washington Post for the most succinct Greene lines. House Republican Rep. Greene, what did you learn on your field trip?

“The Holocaust is – there is nothing like it. It – it happened, and you know, over six million Jewish people were murdered. Furthermore, it wasn't just Jews – blacks, Christians, all kinds of groups. "

Yeah, okay, that's enough of that. When I'm trapped in an elevator and the only way out is by listening to Greene explain the Holocaust or mashing myself into a fine paste to drip out the cracks in the elevator doors like a spilled milkshake, I choose option two every time.

The most relevant question here is whether Greene actually learned anything from her alleged trip to the Holocaust Museum, or whether she just sprinted from end to end to gather knowledge about osmosis. It doesn't look good given the evidence available.

When she responded to reporters after her theoretical apology for comparing pandemic security to the Holocaust, she refused to also back down her comparing the Democratic Party with the Nazi "National Socialist Party". Instead, she told the assembled reporters that "socialism is extremely dangerous" and "I will never stop saying that we have to save America and stop socialism".

Well, one of the surest signs that an American chatter knows absolutely nothing about the history they are talking about is an inability to explain, even in the broadest sense, what the Nazi movement was. The story of how an ultra-nationalist, genocidal, conspiracy-promoting right-wing extremist party joined a party with a Socialist in its name is an extraordinary story of murder, murder and murder too. It is easy to look it up on the internet. That the avowed enemies of Nazism were the same socialists, liberals, globalists, and immigrants that Greene herself believes her own movement must now "save" America is a fairly central point in the story Greene allegedly just walked through, and yet such a revelation appears to have ricocheted off her like a bird hitting a window.

Did she even go to the museum? Or did she let her staff drive her to a mall so she could stroll through the food court for an hour or so?

Wait a minute – did she … did she go backwards through the Holocaust Museum?


"I didn't compare it to the Holocaust, but to the beginning of the Holocaust, the Nuremberg Trials."


– Blimi Marcus (@MarcusBlimi) June 15, 2021


All right, so we have Matt Gaetz & # 39; Best Salvation pal who still doesn't know how the Holocaust started, who the Nazis were, why the Nazis picked the targets they chose, or why she adamantly picked suspiciously similar targets with suspiciously similar conspiracy claims is still very, very bad. She only apologized for the one thing that had fueled House Republicans the most, but did so just minutes later while reviewing other, closely related tropes.

Let's just say no one was very impressed.

If we speculate about how it came about that Greene felt obliged to at least get through the Holocaust Museum, or possibly whatever building her staff told her was the Holocaust Museum – and we absolutely will do speculate about it, because speculating about things without evidence is a gamble these days, and we want to be part of it – it at least seems possible that the reason for Greene's excursion has something to do with another fresh push by the Republican House leaders to do that explain, it is the Democratic Party that is anti-Semitic on grounds. House minority leader Kevin McCarthy made a "pledge" Tuesday morning Remove Democratic Muslim American MP Ilhan Omar from the House Foreign Affairs Committee whether the Republicans will win back the majority in the next half on the grounds that they were "anti-Semitic on several occasions".

Could Greene's seemingly hastily arranged excursion and press conference be tied to the desire of the Republican leadership of the House of Representatives to push new topics for discussion?

Well, she certainly didn't learn anything herself. So all that remains is the selection "was pressed in for optics".

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