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Twenty-one Republicans disagree because the Home of Representatives votes for the Congressional Gold Medal for the Police on Jan. 6

In March, only 12 Republicans voted against an earlier version of the law, which was bad enough. But now the need has apparently grown to cover up what happened on January 6th. The votes against the bill came from:

Lauren Boebert from Colorado
John Rose of Tennessee
Andy Harris from Maryland
Thomas Massie from Kentucky
Bob Good of Virginia
Louie Gohmert from Texas
Barry Moore from Alabama
Ralph Norman from South Carolina
Matt Rosendale from Montana
Marjorie Taylor Greene from Georgia
Chip Roy from Texas
Paul Gosar of Arizona
Andy Biggs from Arizona
Warren Davidson from Ohio
Scott Perry from Pennsylvania
Matt Gaetz from Florida
Greg Steube from Florida
Andrew Clyde from Georgia
Jody Hice from Georgia
Mary Miller from Illinois
Michael Cloud from Texas

Rep. Lance Gooden voted against the March bill, but was the only vote in that direction for the June bill.

Some of the Republicans who voted against honoring the officers who defended them said they did so because of the language in the bill. Greene and Massie both quoted the term "insurrection" to describe the events and the description of the Capitol as "the temple of our democracy". (Presumably they would prefer the title “Temple of our Democracy” after Mar-a-Lago.)

"If they just wanted to acknowledge the police, they could have done so without trying to make them partisan, "said Massie. Calling a riot simply a riot is now partisan. Again, Republicans are doing a slow cover-up.

They protested, and I disagree with the way they protested, but it wasn't a riot. My goodness. Can you imagine what a real riot would look like? ”Massie responded when pressured by reporters.

Well, I think it might look like bombs are being planted in front of the offices of political parties, people coming into the capital in trucks with Molotov cocktails, police barricades are thrown aside and police officers attacked, windows and doors broken, a gallows erected Outside the Capitol, men in tactical gear with flexible handcuffs roam the halls and hundreds of people crowd outside a door chanting "Heave Ho" as they attempt to overpower the officers defending the door.

Others who voted against the bill were even smoother. "It's all politics. It's all rubbish, ”said Perry.

The bill honors all officers who have defended the Capitol and specifically mentions "Capitol Police Officers Brian Sicknick and Howard Liebengood, Metropolitan Police Department Officer Jeffrey Smith and the injured, and the courage of Capitol Police Officer Eugene Goodman exemplify the patriotism and commitment of Capitol Police Officers and those of other law enforcement agencies to their lives in service risking our country. "

A large majority of Republicans in the House of Representatives, of course, voted in favor. But the fact that the number of those who voted against has increased significantly is a warning sign, and one warning sign that follows another is a screaming, blinking warning sign that the Senate Republicans have tampered with the law, that a non-partisan independent commission to investigate the uprising. Only 35 Republicans voted for this bill, which means almost as many Republicans are against honoring the police who defended them to help the investigation into what happened. This is the Republican Party telling us about their direction.

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