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WATCH: Tucker Carlson factors out the 1/6 riot was an FBI false flag operation

The January 6 events were broadcast live on all cable news channels. Donald Trump supporters stormed the United States Capitol and had no problem attacking any police officer who stood in their way.

But some of the right are starting to turn against these cops. On Tuesday, 21 Republican Congressmen voted against a bill honoring those who protected them that day. And tonight, Tucker Carlson revealed a new conspiracy theory that the uprising was, in fact, an FBI false flag operation.

The Fox presenter told the audience: "We know the government is hiding the identities of many of the police officers who were in the Capitol on January 6, not just those who killed Ashley Babbitt. According to the government's own court records, these law enforcement officers participated in the rioting, sometimes in a violent manner. "

Carlson continued: "We know this because the government insistently threw the book at most of the people who were in the Capitol on January 6th. There was a nationwide trawl to find them. Many of them are still in solitary confinement tonight. "

Tucker Carlson points out the 1/6 riot was a false flag operation by the FBI

– PoliticusUSA (@politicususa) June 16, 2021

The Fox host has closed his theory. "But oddly enough, some of the key people who attended on January 6th were not charged. Look at the documents, the government calls these people unindicted co-conspirators. What does that mean? Well, it means they were potentially FBI agents in every single case. "Really?" In the Capitol on January 6th? "

Carlson has always been a little out of joint, but has been crowned even angrier since the November elections. Tonight was just another clear example of that.

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