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Information round-up: ACA stays regulation, GOP reps embarrass themselves … a few instances

It's Thursday! We go to a historic weekend and commemorate the day when the news of the end of slavery finally got to Texas. It's a reminder that Texas lost the war, and despite their supposed independence, they were civil war losers who always needed the support of the United States to exist with any autonomy.

Here are some stories you might have missed today!

The Republican congressman ran "like a coward" after refusing to shake hands with Officer Fanone
Even Ohio Republicans knew they had to get rid of one of their own after the federal charges were dropped
Schumer prepares vote on electoral reform with Manchin's changes, McConnell announces filibuster
The drought is affecting every aspect of life in the western United States, and it's getting worse
“You should pay for your food”: Karen gets involved in the fake black business
Prosecutors argue that Michael Avenatti deserves a “very high” prison sentence in the event of extortion
Betsy Devos has left guidelines that harm children. It has to change.
Schumer, Sanders survey $ 6 trillion infrastructure plan, bipartisan group plans fire sale of public assets
Black LGBTQ people are more likely to live in states that do not protect against discrimination

And from the community:

Even Fox's "real" "legitimate" "journalist" Brett Baier's "News" show is full of climate denial
CT-Gov: Governor Ned Lamont (D) will keep his campaign promise to legalize marijuana

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