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Cheers and Jeers: Tuesday

"Children's Hospital in new York is quite an amazing place. On a recent visit, I saw two seven-year-olds who were doing a kidney transplant. "

"They always say that the vice president is only a heartbeat away from the presidency. Don't you mean the absence of a heartbeat?"

GeorgeCarlin.jpg "src =" "title =" GeorgeCarlin.jpg

"People who don't see life as pure entertainment miss the point."

A message window pops up on my computer screen when I type a command the computer doesn't like. It says, "Fuck you, I don't."

“When it comes to the existence of God, I am neither an atheist nor an agnostic. I am acrostic. The whole thing amazes me. "

"Keep doing. Chinawill win everything. "

And when you have the time, sit back ten minutes and appreciate the sheer preparation and practice it takes to create his legendary (and NSFW) set about these 7 famous words. Like a vuvuzela in the puritan's ears.

And now our feature presentation …

Cheers and Jeers for Tuesday June 22, 2021

Note: Contrary to popular belief, there are actually many atheists in foxholes. I have a bunch in my back yard right now. Beat it you godless lawn eaters !!

By numbers:

9 days!!!

Days to Canada Day: 9

Earliest date until Canada will open its border to the again US. for non-essential trips: 07/21/21

Percent of Americans, according to Gallup Polls that found gay and lesbian relationships "morally acceptable" in 2001 and 2021: 40%, 69%

Percent who were of the opinion that sex between unmarried partners was okay in 2001 and 2021: 53%, 73%

Percent of citizens in 16 European and Southeast Asian countries polled by Pew Research who believe the United States has not been a good role model for democracy in recent years: 57%

Connecticut Senate Vote to Legalize Recreational Marijuana, a bill signed by Governor Ned Lamont: 16-11

Percentage probability that firefighters will say electric car fires are "like candles and a nightmare" to extinguish, according to NBC News: 100%

Puppy picture of the day: In Virginia Harley the Goldendoodle saves Bambi …

CHEERS with a heaping serving of Big Apple Pie. Today's main day in New York Citywhen we (finally) find out which die-hard, subway-driving candidate has the largest share of the votes in the race for mayor. As always, it was a barrel full of comity and fair play, by which I mean of course …

… a stormy election campaign overshadowed by allegations of sexual misconduct, by employees of a campaign that started a protest against their own candidate, and by allegations that at least one of the mayor's hopes does not live in the city. (…)

NEW YORK, NEW YORK - MARCH 18: Dawn breaks over the Statue of Liberty as Manhattan and the nation battle to curb the number of coronavirus cases on March 18, 2020 in New York City. Shops, schools, and workplaces across the city have closed, resulting in empty streets and quiet neighborhoods. New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio has threatened to demand an order to protect the site as Manhattan continues to see a surge in cases of the virus. Worldwide, 200,000 people have now been infected with COVID-19. (Photo by Spencer Platt / Getty Images)
Good luck New York. We are all counting on you.

A ray of hope for many was the first-time introduction of the ranking selection in New York City, although the rollout was not without problems.

Some black political leaders have it criticizes the systemsuggesting that voters of color were less likely to receive adequate information about how ranked selection works and less likely to be involved in ranking candidates.

So who will win the chance to get the "second toughest job in?" America"Will it be the former cop? The former auditor? The former HUD guy? The former social services chief? The former tax officer? The former sanitary officer? The former Citigroup manager? The former presidential candidate? Or will Big Appleonians throw up theirs." calloused, everyday hands and walking with – (reviewed notes) – Paperboy Love Prince, the 28-year-old activist with the 13-year-old campaign manager who believes homework is unconstitutional. In the immortal words of the late Francis Albert Sinatra: " It depends on you."

JEERS to given results. Speaking of elections …

(Paused to accept Special Pulitzer for Greatest Segue of All Time)

…Iran held their presidential election last week. The ballots and purple fingers were counted, and the results were certified by the man who, if he does not authenticate them as he said he would, will be buried up to his neck by an anthill. It's very exciting. Iran& # 39; s new leader Is quite different. Instead of being a henchman for the Grand Ayatollah who wears a white turban, he is a henchman for the Grand Ayatollah who wears a black turban. I just hope the country can adjust to this kind of change so quickly.

PS Good news on the diplomatic front. There was a big breakthrough in negotiations to the Iran Nuclear deal back on track: everyone agrees that the shape of the negotiating table will be a dodecahedron. The carpenters should be ready by 2023. Then they discuss the shape of the chairs.

CHEERS to support the troops. 77 years ago today, President Roosevelt – he's the super-fantastic Democratically Party – signed the G. I. Bill of Rights:

Although World War II was far from over, FDR was determined to plan a smooth transition to peace both abroad and at home.

RooseveltsignsGIBillin1944.jpg "src =" "title =" RooseveltsignsGIBillin1944.jpg
FDR signs the historic G.I. Invoice.

The president proposed a way for Congress to offset the economic effects of the end of the war and reintegrate returning veterans into American society.

The result was the GI calculation.

The GI Bill of Rights, now widely blamed for creating the post-war middle class, provides returning veterans with education, job training, hiring preferences, and subsidized home, business, and farm purchases. It is one of the enduring legacies of the Roosevelt administration to this day.

It rewarded soldiers for their victims with cheap loans, educational grants and other benefits. Kind of like what George W. Bush (remember him?) his War Presidency …minus the cheap loans, education grants and other benefits. (But double the stakes!)



CHEERS to be born! A warm "Happy Birthday and many blessings on your camels" Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warrenwho shot today (hffrrhffrrhrrr). Republicans fought hard to keep them from being elected to the seat of mighty Ted Kennedy, and it's easy to see why: their wits, their common sense, and their willingness to consider the banksters and Trumpbots as scum-sucking vampire squids They made them the ideological north star of the Democratic Party and a great swath of independents.


Republicans fear the electorate and have decided that electoral repression is their way to victory. I was happy to meet Texas Democrats today who are fighting back to defend our democracy. The Senate needs to back it up by passing the #ForThePeople Act.

– Elizabeth Warren (@SenWarren) June 16, 2021

Our official C&J birthday present to Senator Warren as she continues her battle against the Republican forces of evil: a new pair of spiked shoes. (Use them forever, Ma'am. Just forever.)

JEERS as punishment with a dumbbell. And then there's that little bit of scientific wanking, courtesy of the Catholic Church (whose American branch is now trying to refuse Communion to President Biden because he's not Republican enough). On June 22, 1633'Galileo Galilei has been told that he must "renounce, curse, and abhor" his view that the earth revolves around the sun. Let's check the ordinance of the church, shall we?

The claim that the sun is the center of the world and does not move from its place is philosophically and formally heretically absurd and false because it explicitly contradicts Scripture.

Galileo.jpg "src =" "title =" Galileo.jpg
"Thank goodness this earth / sun problem will be the stupidest thing humanity has ever had to work through, and from now on all decisions will be made on the basis of science, reason and common sense."
—Galileo, stoned with excellent grass

The claim that the earth is not the center of the world and is immovable, but that it moves, with a daily movement, is just as absurd and false, philosophically and theologically viewed as false, at least in faith.

It took the Vatican over 350 years to admit their heads turned around their bums. But they had a very good reason for that: they were, you know, busy with things.

At C&J ten years ago: June 22, 2011

CHEERS to silver lining. Well, the Republican governor of the Tea Party in Maine did – he signed the repeal of the Same Day Voter Registration Act, originally enacted by Republicans 38 years ago. This is just one of many acts of voter repression being imposed on states across the country under the false guise of "voter protection". But the law will never go into effect because of this love / hate mechanism in our state known as a citizen veto referendum:

People's Veto Campaign organizers will have 90 days after the legislature's adjournment to collect signatures from registered voters in Maine. You need valid signatures of at least 10 percent of the votes cast in the last gubernatorial election – around 58,000. The law is due to come into force this fall, but the contested part will be suspended if the petition is filed by then.

The signatures are collected. The referendum will happen. The law will go away. Republicans will show an embarrassing display of false indignation. And voter fraud will continue …… so as not to happen. (6/22/21 update: They were. It did. It did. They did. It still does …… .not.)

And only one more thing …

CHEERS to … Brett Kavanaugh? Yesterday the Supreme Court unanimously – and finally – dealt a blow to the NCAA's stranglehold on its "workforce," namely the college students who play their games and make them shiploads of money but are not allowed to participate in the profits. According to NBC News, the court, "… said the NCAA violated antitrust law by limiting the amount students could receive on musical instruments, scientific equipment, postgraduate scholarships, tutoring, academic awards, and paid internships."And while Neil Gorsuch wrote the statement, Brett Kavanaugh received the social media awards for taking a moment to put the pen on parchment without looking like a mad cow ogre:

Kavanaugh2NCAA.jpg "src =" "title =" Kavanaugh2NCAA.jpg

I don't know which is more amazing: that the NCAA was just given a piece of your head, or that Captain Beer Pong wrote something clear. I think we have to leave it to future generations. Because writing something positive about this guy messes up my brain circuits.

Have a bearable Tuesday. Floor & # 39; s open … What are you cheering and howling about today?

Today's shameless C&J testimonial

“As a scientist, it is important that you develop your opinion and your recommendations based on what is in the Cheers and Jeers children's pool. And that's why I say that people who criticize me about it are really criticizing Bill Portland Maine. "

-DR. Anthony Fauci

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