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It's time for Biden to use his tyrant's pulpit to fight the filibuster

Each of the examples Murkowski cited are things that a Republican genuinely committed to bipartisan electoral reform and suffrage would welcome the opportunity to work with Democrats. She wouldn't even consider that. She wouldn't even go as far as to show Manchin that she was working in good faith with him on the more limited VRA reauthorization (which was unanimously passed in 2006 and which McConnell has already announced his opposition to). So for all Democrats who think there might be "good" Republicans out there who will help save democracy? Keep on dreaming. You can't even get Murkowski to agree to a debate.

If you can't get Murkowski that far in the process, you certainly won't get nine Republicans suddenly seeing light to make sure everyone has free and fair access to the ballot box. That means you, Joe Manchin. And you, Kyrsten Sinema. And you, Chris Coons. And especially you, Dianne Feinstein.

This means that the bill re-authorizing the John Lewis Voting Rights Act, declared by McConnell "unnecessary", will not get 10 Republican votes to pass, even if there were currently 10 Republicans in attendance to re-authorize the bill unanimously 15 years ago. (Before the Robert Supreme Court gutted it in 2013, it gave Republicans another electoral advantage by making voter suppression legal again.)

Russell Berman of the Atlantic asked and "couldn't find any Republican senators willing to join Murkowski and get their support for a re-approval of the proxy law." Susan Collins said she wasn't ready to talk about it. Bill Cassidy of Louisiana refused to answer. Retired Alabama Richard Shelby said he was "skeptical" that the Democrats are trying to "overrule" the Supreme Court. There is no way to restore voting rights in this Senate with the filibuster. Period. Bernie Sanders understands:


Is there a bipartisan compromise that could be reached on the right to vote?

BERNIE: No. There are no bipartisan — Listen, tell me if you know a Republican who is ready to vote for democracy and suffrage, I would like to see you, there is no …. "

– Frank Thorp V (@frankthorp) June 23, 2021

Where are the Democrats? For one thing, they need their president to use his bullying pulpit. He's not doing that yet. A White House official told AP that "White House advisors see infrastructure as the bigger political winner for Biden because it is widespread among voters from both parties". They believe the infrastructure pass "will go further in helping Democrats in the 2022 midterm elections and beyond than undertaking a massive ballot overhaul that had a slim chance of passage without a debate on filibuster rules," said the official, who requested anonymity to discuss internal calls. "

What they seem to be missing is the fact that at least 14 states have already passed 22 new laws suppressing voting. That was at the end of May. Many state parliaments are still in session and are working on them. In fact, at least 61 restrictive bills are moving through 18 state legislatures. More specifically, 31 passed at least one chamber while another 30 had some type of committee work (e.g. a hearing, amendment, or committee). Vote), "reports the Brennan Center.

As much as voters may like the Infrastructure Act, it is debatable if they cannot vote.

Biden and his advisors need to understand, accept and act accordingly. You have to look at the 50-50 Senate and the very slim majority of Democrats in the House of Representatives. You need to watch redistribution – and gerrymandering – get underway in the states now, and fully understand the fact that Republicans might very well control the 2022 midterm elections. Without Congress, nothing Biden has proposed in the last two years of this term will happen. The Republicans have already promised that. Senator John Barrasso promised GOP donors that Republicans would "make Joe Biden a half-term president." That was after McConnell announced his intention to prevent Biden from having a Supreme Court appointment for the last two years of his term should Republicans get the Senate back.

Biden's entire agenda – not to mention the very foundations of our democracy – is in serious jeopardy. He has to see that. Everyone around him must see that. You need to realize that restoring free and fair elections to the nation is as existential as helping COVID-19. You need to make filibuster reform a top priority.

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