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Transgender Women Must Stay Out of Prisons and Rape Crisis Centers: Taylor Greene Moves On

Marjorie Taylor Greene had actually gone a few weeks without major controversy. And it seemed to be taking too long for the embattled Georgia Congressman.

During an appearance on Steve Bannon's show on Thursday, Taylor Greene made a widespread and bigoted attack on transgender Americans, warning them to stay out of prisons and rape crisis centers.

She started with a slam on the left and said, "Now we have the Democratic [sic] Party, which claims to be the champion of women. They claim abortion is a pregnancy right but instead kills a baby in a woman's womb. It's actually the worst scar a woman can have for the rest of her life. "

Georgia lawmakers continued, “Your war on women has surpassed anything we can possibly understand. They use men – these are men and I say they play dress up and I'm not trying to offend anyone, but they literally have an identity crisis, they dress up as women and then want to be recognized as women, which they are not. They will never be and I refuse to recognize them that way. "

Greene concluded: "This transgender problem is not about this guy trying to be a woman. It's not about their feelings. It's about the fact that they have to stay out of our women's sports, they have to stay out of our daughter's bathrooms and locker rooms, and they have to stay out of our girls' high school teams and college sports, and they have to stay out of our rape keep out crisis centers and our women's prisons. "

Donald Trump's GOP is about ignoring politics and focusing on the culture war. There is no legislator who embodies this movement better than Taylor Greene.

Todd Neikirk is a New Jersey-based policy and technology writer. His work has been featured on, and He enjoys sports, politics, comics, and spends time with his family on the waterfront.

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