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Mo Brooks urges Big Lie further when he says Trump's team told him to promote the January 6 attack

If you haven't seen the New York Times' Day of Rage video, do so now for 40 minutes. For all the well-deserved criticism the newspaper receives, this is a fantastic example of the journalism they are still capable of. The work the Times has done on this is extremely valuable, and the allegations it makes are targeted.

Six months later, America has seen many stories of insurgents drawn into police stations by their own blind hubris. Staging of the attack included a West Virginia MP who filmed himself helpful in the invasion of the Capitol (including his name on camera for anyone who needed confirmation) and a Proud Boys supporter who had his name on screen signed.

But, as reported by the Associated Press, despite hundreds of arrests, many of those involved have still not been arrested. The Justice Department is still hunting down insurgents, including many who, like the pipe bomber, have been involved in some of the worst incidents of violence and threats. Some of these people were not previously on the police radar as they weren't involved in violent extremism before they got caught up with Trump. Others have simply not yet been identified and are lost in a similar group of thousands clad in pseudo-military tactical gear and Trump paraphernalia.

But some of these people stood right in front of everyone, and their names are well known. This includes MP Mo Brooks, who took the stage that morning to incite the crowd with direct calls for violence. A judge gave Brooks a hiatus today in Rep. Eric Swalwell's lawsuit, ruling that despite weeks of avoiding litigation servers, he was not unresponsive.

Brooks ’January 6 speech included urging the crowd to" stop at the Capitol "to prevent a vote that"Turn America into an ungodly, amoral, dictatorial, oppressed and socialist nation in decline, or they join us and they fight and vote against voter fraud and election theft and vote to keep America great. ”Brooks then followed up for everyone who may not have known what he was saying "Today is the day American patriots start painting names and kicking their asses," said Brooks. “Our ancestors sacrificed their blood, sweat, tears, wealth, and sometimes their lives to give us, their descendants, an America that is the greatest nation in world history. So I have a question for you. Are you ready to do the same? ”Brooks then repeatedly yelled at the crowd,“ Are you going to fight for America? ” before he says, "We, American patriots, are going to go straight for them!"

Brooks insisted he did nothing wrong and that those actions "represented his district" that day. However, in a new file relating to his civil lawsuit, Brooks put all the blame on someone else: Donald Trump.

The Brooks Attorney File states: “Brooks made the Ellipse speech only because the White House asked him to do so in his capacity as United States Congressman. Without the White House request, Brooks would not have appeared at the Ellipse rally. "The file also claims that Brooks coordinated his testimony with the White House.

But if that sounds like Brooks or his lawyers are sensible … no. This is the prelude to claims that calls for violence against Congress were fully justified. "The evidence is overwhelming that the November 3, 2020 elections were the subject of electoral fraud and election theft on an unprecedented scale in America," the record reads, "and that if only legitimate votes are cast by eligible American citizens were counted, Donald Trump should serve his second term as President of the United States. "

Brooks didn't just push Big Lie from the stop-the-steal stage, he's still pushing it in court. He does not blame Trump for the uprising, but America.

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