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Ron Johnson has to leave after being caught on the tape bullsh * t climate change. is called

Senator Ron Johnson (R-Wi) showed why the people of Wisconsin need to get rid of him by calling climate change bullsh * t.

CNN reported:

"I don't know about you guys, but I think climate change is – as Lord Monckton said – bullshit," said the Wisconsin Republican, without using the expletive but in his mouth, referring to UK conservative climate change – Denier Lord Christopher Monckton. "That's it, by the way."

Johnson, a member of the Senate Committee on Commerce, Science, and Transportation, went on to say that "there are more and more scientists" writing books that "just throw this away" and asked why the US was focusing on the climate crisis in the first place.

Senator Ron Johnson washes up Russian Senate propaganda, defends the domestic terrorists who attacked the Capitol, and spreads conspiracy theories about coronavirus and misinformation about vaccines.

Ron Johnson has proven time and again to be a threat to the American people through his abuse of his Senate platform.

It is absurd for Johnson to deny climate change as the Pacific Northwest was frying with record heat and extreme weather spread across the country. Weather and climate are not the same, but the weather pattern shows that something is wrong with the climate.

Republicans like Johnson refuse to accept science and are harming the American people by blocking action against a crisis that is costing Americans their lives with each worsening moment.

Ron Johnson does not belong in the Senate and needs to be encouraged not to run for re-election. If he runs he must be defeated.

Mr. Easley is the executive editor of the White House press pool and congressional correspondent for PoliticusUSA. Jason has a bachelor's degree in political science. His thesis focused on public policy with a specialization in social reform movements.

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