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“He Really Loves Our Programs”: Watch Joe Biden ridicule obstructionist Mitch McConnell

When he first took office, Joe Biden promised to work in good faith to work with the Republicans. And these efforts were made on numerous occasions during Biden's early months in office.

However, Mitch McConnell has often urged his senators not to cooperate with the president or endorse his legislation. This is the same kind of obstructive behavior that the Senate minority leader loved so much during Barack Obama's tenure.

On Wednesday, Biden blamed McConnell for highlighting the details of his infrastructure package without actually endorsing it. McConnell said at a recent event in Kentucky: "Not a single member of my party voted in favor. So you will get a lot more money. I did not vote for it. But you will get a lot more money. Cities and counties in Kentucky will hit nearly $ 700 million or $ 800 million. If you add up the total amount that will flow into our state, 4 billion dollars, that is twice as much as last year. "

When asked for these comments, Biden replied, “Mitch McConnell loves our programs. Do you see what Mitch McConnell said? He told me he wouldn't get a single vote that, with the help of everyone here, I would get this $ 1.9 trillion economic growth program. Check it out man. He's bragging about it in Kentucky. "

McConnell and Biden have been long-time friends despite their political differences. But Biden's strategy of making McConnell's constituents aware of the benefits is a smart one.

Check out the exchange below:

Reporter: "McConnell says this one is going to get you a hell of a fight."

President Biden: "Mitch McConnell loves our programs."

– The Hill (@thehill) July 7, 2021

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