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News summary: Hitler, Hitler, obstruction, hatred, and terrorist-loving republicans

On the News Today: Absolutely Not Shocking To Anyone, Donald Trump reportedly had high praise for Adolf Hitler. Speaking of Hitler: Majorie Taylor-Greene compares COVID-19 prevention with the Holocaust. Again. Republicans continue to admit that their only goal with infrastructure is to delay and destroy any chance of a deal. The Republican governor of Ohio says it will be easy for LGBTQ people to get other health insurance after putting it in his budget. Republican minority leader Kevin McCarthy will soon show his allegiance to the terrorists when he announces the Republican members of the special committee to investigate the January 6 attack on the US Capitol.

Some of the things you may have missed:

John Kelly is said to have been "shocked" after Trump refused to stop praising Nazi leader Adolf Hitler

Marjorie Taylor Greene's Speedwalk through the Holocaust Museum taught her nothing

Republicans don't even try to hide the truth – they don't want Biden to take anything back

The Republican governor signs the state budget with a devious last-minute anti-LGBTQ provision

McCarthy masterfully shot himself in the foot on January 6th on the select committee

And from the community:

Rudy's crowdfunding legal defense efforts are at an end. Heavy.

The mad mother of the White Wing claims CRT will trick "Antifa Kids" into attacking their children

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