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Virginia 'Bible Study' group planned to test homemade bombs, FBI says

"What do we think of an Intel tour of the Capitol tonight?" The FBI said a group member wrote in the chat. “Less of them out there. The posture can be lowered. Good opportunity to uncover weaknesses. "

On another occasion, the FBI agent saw boxes of glass bottles and heard Duong and another group member discuss using them to make Molotov cocktails. Duong and the agent discussed plans to test the explosives not yet made, but got stuck.

The thing is, the FBI has been shown to infiltrate groups of people who will never do the acts they dream of, encourage them to fantasize even more violently, and then arrest them as terrorists. That is one thing, and it is relevant, that Duong has not yet been charged for it. But Duong was already, if marginally, involved in a historic act of domestic terrorism, and the FBI must take seriously the threat of new groups emerging from that day, encouraged by the Trump mob's ability to take over the Capitol storm and overwhelm police in the process.

Far right terrorism is a major threat in the US today. There are secret militias that plan violence. A fascist group is vandalizing and marching in big cities. Extremist dreams of reconfiguring states to give them new territory are gaining momentum. And the attack on the Capitol was fueled by organized conspiracies by groups like the Proud Boys and Oath Keepers. In this setting, a group of members who store weapons must discuss how to make and test explosives, and take "an Intel run around the Capitol" seriously.

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