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Opinion: Texas Theocrats put a $ 10,000 bounty on abortion providers

Though their numbers are in decline, religious theocrats go to extremes to take control of women's reproductive health, and the motive is clear to keep them subject to religious republicans. Now the Texas Republicans are two months away from placing a bounty on abortion service providers and anyone who helps a woman exercise her human right to reproductive independence.

According to the Guttmacher Institute, the 2021 legislature set the record for most abortion restrictions in a single year in America. The new Texas law is particularly bad because any abortion on the day after six weeks of pregnancy is a crime; and in legislation begins six weeks after the last day of the woman's last menstrual cycle, or when a doctor thinks he hears a fetus's heartbeat.

After six weeks, many women don't know they are pregnant. It should also be mentioned that a six-week-old fetus is roughly the size of a pea. This pea-sized blob is considered a living being by anti-election religious freaks as soon as a spermatozoa fertilizes an egg and becomes a zygote.

Regardless, religious republicans are determined to control women because in 1968 an old Pope issued an edict declaring the moment of conception, often the moment of intercourse, human life.

Like the preponderance of anti-women’s rights, the Republicans of Texas are just as passionate about this bizarre concept as they are about the validity of the Supreme Court ruling in Roe v. Wade refuse. Texas Republicans believe Texas law still criminalizes abortion

It is worth noting that all of these restrictive laws have no social value whatsoever. They are religious in nature to serve the whims of religious control freaks and are all based on a Roman Catholic religious construct. Incidentally, a construct without a basis in the so-called "Holy Bible" of the Evangelicals.

However, the 1st amendment is clear – enforced compliance with a religious edict is forbidden; but no sane person expects religious fanatics or Republicans to abide by the Constitution.

This constitution does not give any religion the authority to control women, but like the entire constitution, the religious clauses of the First Amendment are irrelevant to evangelicals; except to use as a stick against non-compliance. So the Republicans of Texas invented a truly bizarre means of enforcing the Roman Catholic ban on abortion.

according to Under the new Texas Religious Act, anyone in any state can soon "sue an abortion clinic, doctor, and anyone who dares to help a woman" to terminate her pregnancy in Texas. This absurd notion accompanies the law that prohibits Texas officials from enforcing the new law.

Enforcement of the new law is the responsibility of any misogynist vigilante group in any state who learns a Texan woman terminates her pregnancy after six weeks or a doctor hears what they think is a "heartbeat."

Worse still, there is a financial incentive because anyone in America who sues a clinic, doctor, nurse, or caregiver for helping a woman get an abortion must receive at least $ 10,000.

Legal experts claim that theocratic law is "a hack of the [Texas] legal system" and that is an understatement of the subject. According to 370 Texas attorneys who signed an open letter condemning the law, "The law is an unprecedented abuse of civil process that could have destabilizing effects on the state's legal infrastructure."

The group of attorneys' legitimate complaint was that the law illegally granted legal status to any evangelical extremist in any state in the Union who undertook to punish a health care provider despite having suffered no personal loss or harm.

As New York University law professor Melissa Murray noted:

“If the barista at Starbucks talks to you about your abortion and it was done after six weeks, that barista has the right to sue the clinic where you performed the abortion and any other person who helped you, such as Uber -The driver who performed the abortion you over there. "

And if that barista prevails in a civil court, which the law is supposed to guarantee, they'll be rewarded at least $ 10,000 plus court and attorney fees, all of which are paid by the defendant.

The law was created specifically to keep out of federal jurisdiction, where these theocratic laws continue to be devalued as unconstitutional. Since the law is enforced by “represented” anti-electoral citizens, there is no way for women’s rights activists to seek redress by challenging the law in a federal court.

This is another worrying sign that Republicans will move the proverbial heaven and solid earth to undermine a woman's prerogative to choose when to give birth. And now that the Republicans have crammed the Supreme Court with misogynist religious nerds, they will continue to target women's rights unabated until they prevail; and that is a very bad omen for American women and the beginning of every American maid's nightmare.

Sound engineer and trainer for SAE. Writes op / ed comments that support secular humanist causes and expose the oppression of women, the poor, and minorities. An advocate for religious freedom and especially religious freedom.

Born in the South, raised in the Midwest and California to get a comprehensive look at America; it does not look good.

Former clergyman, lifelong musician, Mahayana Zen Buddhist.

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