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Fight breaks out after far-right protesters disrupt Rep. Katie Porter's personal town hall

In the end, a Porter supporter was arrested and released after Irvine police intervened and separated the groups. If you're wondering how and why this group of Trump supporters appeared at Porter's rally, Talking Points Memo reports that right-wing congressional hopefuls Nick Taurus, who will run against Porter in the 2022 midterm elections, posted an Instagram post calling for supporters to confront Porter.

The post's caption, originally shared on Thursday, describes Porter as "far-left ideologue supported by Bay Area academics, billionaire class and foreign lobbies! ”and says their policies are“ terrible ”for the district. Since the town hall, Taurus claimed on Instagram that he and his followers were "attacked by rabid leftists" and attacked by the left for "without cause".

In a 19-minute video posted on Instagram, Taurus also claimed that Porter answered "pre-selected" questions and therefore, in his view, was not listening to all of the voters. He expressed his grief that while he could not withhold his taxpayers money to avoid Porter's salary, she could refuse to receive from all 45th voters.

In a statement to CNN, Porter said in part, "In our town halls, we are taking steps such as putting all questions in a bingo ball spinner so we can hear all the voices, not just the loudest."

She expressed her disappointment at the actions of a “small but noisy” group of participants who “created unsafe conditions” at the event. "While I absolutely respect their right to disagree, their disruption respected all families who participated and were willing to get involved in a thoughtful, civil, and safe manner," Porter said in her statement.

A short clip from the town hall can be found below.

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