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Words that Trump should live by: "Take your fake White House seal and go play president somewhere else"

In his monologue, Acosta mentioned the uprising the president instigated on Jan. 6 by making unsubstantiated allegations of widespread election fraud and a class action lawsuit against Facebook, Google and Twitter that Trump launched on Wednesday at Trump National Golf Club Bedminster in New Jersey had announced. "Perhaps most outrageously, Big Tech blocked the incumbent president's social media accounts in the weeks following the election, ”Trump wrote in a Wall Street Journal. "If they can do it to me, they can do it to you too – and believe me, it is you."

The former president gave the following examples:

“Jennifer Horton, a Michigan school teacher, was banned Facebook for sharing an article that asks if it is healthy to wear a mask for toddlers. When her brother went missing later, she was unable to use Facebook to spread the word. Colorado doctor Kelly Victory was deplated from YouTube after filming a video for her church explaining how to conduct church services safely. Florida Kiyan Michael and her husband Bobby lost their 21-year-old son in a fatal collision caused by an illegal alien deported twice. Facebook censored them after posting about border security and immigration enforcement. "

The Platforms may remove posts that violate their standards as long as they act in "good faith" as set forth in Section 230 of the Communications Decency Act, 1996. Eric Goldman, a law professor at Santa Clara University, told The Associated Press that he had investigated more than 60 unsuccessful lawsuits targeting Internet companies for the suspension or deletion of user accounts. “They argued about everything under the sun, including the First Amendment, and they're getting nowhere. Perhaps he has a trick up his sleeve that will keep him one step ahead of the dozen of lawsuits that lie ahead, ”Goldman said of Trump. "I doubt it."

The lawsuit's allegations weren't the only ones that mocked Acosta when it appeared on a screen that reads, "How Trump pretends he's still the president."

"Hide the flags," Acosta said at the beginning of his segment with footage of Trump kissing and hugging the flag at previous CPAC events. Then the presenter described Trump as "the same man who grabbed the Stars and Stripes" and now "won't let go: the idea that he's still president".

After retracting his clown comparison, Acosta described Trump in more detail: “He's more of one of those mask-hating customers in the grocery store. You saw her, a Karen or whatever the name would be in Trump's case. You can almost hear him say, “I want to talk to the manager about the choice. I want to speak to the manager of Twitter or Facebook. "

“And the Americans are like the store managers. We have to explain, “Well, sir, you lied about the election. You started a riot. You have to leave the shop or we will call security. Please take your fake White House seal and play President somewhere else. "


Jim Acosta finally made a bad judgment. He mistakenly compared the Tяump comeback to the circus. As pointed out to Jim, that was wrong.
And Jim apologized …
to the circus. # JimAcosta

– BigBlueWaveUSA 2022 #StopVoterSuppression (@BigBlueWaveUSA) July 11, 2021

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