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WATCH: Fox News guest claims slavery is not a racist thing

Now that Joe Biden is president and things are going reasonably well, Fox News has decided to stop talking about political issues. Instead, the network is very focused on Critical Race Theory, an advanced class usually taught in law schools.

But instead of explaining what CRT is, the personalities on Fox are fueling racial tensions. A big part of that is the claim that America is not and was not a racist country. During the Tuesday segment, one guest even claimed that slavery was "initially not a racist thing".

Ty Smith, a radio host, told Martha MacCallum:

“America was not founded on racism. Do not get me wrong. Yes, there was slavery, but slavery itself wasn't a racist thing at first. In the beginning it was never about race. Sitting there and taking it like America was founded on racism is a complete lie. Yes, there was slavery, but there was slavery all over the world. It was never a racing thing, so why are we making it a racing thing now? "

There are, of course, a number of arguments against Smith's theory, but primarily he did not argue in good faith. MacCallum did little to respond to the radio host's claims, instead choosing to thank him and move on to their next segment.

See below a clip of the comments courtesy of the Fox News Network:

Fox Guest: "There was slavery, but it wasn't a racist thing in the beginning, it was never about race … It was never a racial thing, so why are we making it a racial thing now?"

– nikki mccann ramírez (@NikkiMcR) July 13, 2021

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