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New book excerpt shows Ivanka as a saint, Trump as incapacitated and Mike Pence as America's hero

But the most important thing we learn from this Very Important New Insider Look is that absolutely everyone except Donald Trump was noble and patriotic and did the right things during this time of crisis. From Mike Pence to Mitch McConnell to a poorly described grandfather clock in the Oval Office, anyone who contributed to the way the story was told was, it turns out, an absolute goddamn hero. And as always, there was no one more heroic than Ivanka Trump, presidential daughter and official White House wrangler, who was super-duper against the two-month effort to overthrow America's democracy, and who was only near Donald when he was uprising Bait gave speeches and was visibly untangled in the Oval Office because as an American it was her patriotic duty to prevent her apparently insane father from escalating things to civil war.

The most surprising thing from reading the report is that Ivanka never caught her golden halo on any of the White House chandeliers. She must have walked very carefully!

However, Ivanka wants readers to know that she was "upset" at Rudy Giuliani's advice to her father to force Mike Pence to overthrow the American government. Ivanka wants you to know that both Keith Kellogg and the above mentioned grandfather clock can stand for opposing the whole plot for betrayal. She only attended the January 6 rally because she still had to "take care of her father," who was no longer so damned at the time, and not because she was actively involved in the family's seditious plans participated. Melania couldn't make it to the event because, and this is the real damn excuse, she had to oversee a pre-scheduled photo shoot with White House carpets.

While Melania wants you to know that glamor shots of the building's carpeted floors were absolutely more important to her than keeping her insane, traitorous husband at bay, Mike Pence wants you to know that that day he was practically Bruce Willis in Die Hard-Levels von Kickass was and refused to be evacuated from the security zones of the Capitol so that he could fulfill his patriotic duty to help confirm the election as soon as anyone could be persuaded somewhere to secure the building again by driving out the insurgents .

Within the Pentagon, the role of the maybe hero goes to the chairman of the joint chiefs, General Mark Milley, who not only decided he would not agree to a "coup", in the parlance of the president, and the incumbent Defense Secretary Chris. pressured Miller may eventually do his job by mobilizing the National Guard. Miller himself does not appear to have spoken to reporters as he is not portrayed as a muscular patriot but continues to look like an incompetent, clumsy, perhaps accomplice to the violence of the day. It was Pence who finally ordered Miller to get his head out of the safe confines of his own bum, too late to do anyone much good.

It's important not to take "what happened" at face value in the Trump White House, and this book excerpt is a good example of that. We can easily interpret the version of the story described here as the version of the story the Trump-affiliated brats would most like to speak to the reporter, and there is absolutely no question that most of the sources here are from Ivanka Trump, Mark Milley, Mike Pence and / or their immediate helpers. It's overly perfect, too bespoke, and in any case in line with what we can plausibly believe, as each of them in the past has met Trump's attacks on democracy with either public silence or with representations that are reasonably interpreted as complicity can be.

But even in these selfish reports, everyone involved agrees that Donald Trump himself was televised, not particularly upset by the riots or violence, and resisted all the staff's requests to contain the violence, and was thus incapacitated It was essentially Ivanka Trump's job to act as a nanny, constantly reassuring her irrational father and trying to curb his demands while he himself twitched repeatedly to escalate the situation. That is the good interpretation of the day. This is the interpretation that even Trump's own favorite daughter tries to explain to the world.

The whole story is about Trump's top allies watching him fuel riot and thinking about making it worse, and the heroism of the story is good, at least we got through that. Nobody turned against Trump directly. Nobody told him to go to hell. In their furthest moments, some Republican senators cited him as the sloppy reason for the violence they denounced – before joining the ranks to block any further attempts to investigate or punish his actions.

The "good" story is that Donald Trump was so incapacitated on January 6th that he could not make decisions, so treacherous that he refused to condemn a violent uprising on his behalf organized by his own allies, and so dysfunctional that his adult daughter had to intervene repeatedly after his co-workers lost all ability to calm him down. This is the tidy version his senior allies freely admit.

The real version is certainly much, much worse, and there is still no certainty that we will hear it because Ivanka, Pence, and other top allies have been hushed up about most of Trump's private ruminations. The more details come to light, the more things Trump employees have to explain away while continuing to justify their own support for a clearly incapacitated and incompetent sociopath. Why were Milley and other military leaders so convinced that a coup was entirely possible? What were the ideas Ivanka Trump spent on the day of the uprising trying to talk Trump off again and again?

There is more to it than we are told. Still.

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