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Michigan AG Dana Nessel Investigates Big Lie That Presses Republicans To Cheat

Michigan attorney general Dana Nessel is investigating Republicans who are profiting from the great lie of fraud.


Michigan AG Dana Nessel is persecuting Republicans who profit from the big lie about fraud.

– Sarah Reese Jones (@PoliticusSarah) July 17, 2021

AG Nessel said on MSNBC:

In conversation with the Republican Senator who shares the supervisory committee in the Michigan State Senate he shown to me as much as she did looked at and had for over eight months many witnesses come in and testify and see a number of Documents they couldn't even find evidence for Electoral fraud.

However, they found others Types of scams and when I say: that I mean false pretenses when they saw people who benefited from it the lies and very disturbing too them because Senator McBroom believed it was wrong and essentially stealing the same Way to market a product and when You should sell a product and Say drink this potion and you lose weight. You look ten years younger. Prevents Covid. If you know none of those things are true you have committed false pretenses, however how is that different from this Lawyers or other people they say donate to me and give me Money and prove there are elections Cheating when they know it's there is not. It's no different with them are the types to be examined.

Republicans who promote the big profit lie will be held accountable in Michigan. This needs to be the norm across the country as spreading the big lie among the trumpers in the Republican Party has become a homework.

One of the ways to stop the spread of the big lie about the elections is to take away the financial incentive of those who are trying to destroy democracy for profit.

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