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WATCH: Michael Wolff says Rudy Giuliani was so drunk on election night that Trump's aides were worried he would break China's priceless White House

There have been a number of tell-all books recently published about Donald Trump's final days in office. And all of these books make the former president look pretty awful.

If possible, make Rudy Giuliani look even worse. The former mayor of New York City not only botched Trump's election campaign, but is also said to have been drunk all the time. In fact, says Michael Wolff, White House staff were concerned that he might break priceless china.

Moderator Andrea Mitchell asked the Trump biographer: "If you write that Rudy Giuliani told the President that he won, what happened? Who was the president listening to? Why did he think he had won the election? "

Wolff replied: "Well, one of the – I meant to say amusing or perhaps terrifying details is that when Rudy tried to bring his case he was the first – and he kind of phoned the President and brought the case to everyone he could – him was pulled aside by some of Trump's key aides, and he was pulled aside in the White House, the china room.

The author continued: "And at that moment Rudy was incredibly drunk, weaving back and forth, ”he continued. “And the china, these place settings from any president are very valuable and Trump's aides were obviously or rightly concerned about what Giuliani told the president about the election and gave him this misinformation. But they were also worried that he would break the china. "

Check out a clip of the segment below, courtesy of the Fox News Network:

Michael Wolff says Rudy Giuliani was so drunk on election night that Trump's aides feared he might destroy the priceless White House china.

– PoliticusUSA (@politicususa) July 16, 2021

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