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"Enough is enough": DACA recipients demand permanent discharge after the judge has decided against the program

While many young immigrants and supporters awaited Hanen's decision against the program ("Hanen has used his position time and again to dismantle the progressive immigration policy, "America’s Voice said last year) that this knowledge does not make the decision any less devastating for himHundreds of thousands of young immigrants and families who have successfully completed the two-year work permit and deportation protection program.

The previous government ended the directive in 2017, but undocumented youth-led fighting resulted in their fatal victory in the Supreme Court in June 2020. The government was forced to fully reintroduce the program in December 2020, with the new Biden government announcing it in March would enact a new rule to strengthen politics as lawyers awaited a decision from Hanen.

"For a moment there was like an arc that shone through the dark times – and it was like, 'Okay, now it really gets better," "DACA recipient Frida Adame told CNN. "But with that judgment, the lights that just went through just dimmed and now it's dark again … We have absolutely no idea what's going to happen next and that's scary. ”Her sister has been among the tens of thousands of new applicants since December Family has no idea what will happen to this application.


I have to share this message with my little sister and I don't know if I can

– Cheska Mae Perez (@CheskaMaeP) July 16, 2021

Undocumented teens and their allies gathered in Washington, D.C. the weekend after the verdict. and urged democratic lawmakers to find a path to citizenship through the reconciliation process. "This ruling should kindle a fire under President Biden and the Democrats in Congress to act," said UWD member Karla. The organization's managing director, Greisa Martinez Rosas, said: “The DACA program is in danger and can no longer protect us. We demand citizenship through the reconciliation process. "

The upcoming law on infrastructure and economic development is the best chance in years to provide permanent relief to undocumented young immigrants as well as persons with temporary status and undocumented key workers such as farm workers. As Senate Democrats try to include some relief in this package, eyes are on the House MPs as well. "That is left to the parliamentarian – what's in there," said US Senator Jacky Rosen from Nevada. "We leave that to your discretion."

But as Daily Kos' Joan McCarter noted in her mandatory article published on the morning of Hanen's judgment: "Memo to Senate Democrats on Immigration: The MP is not responsible, you are." Following Hanen's ruling, Rosen said: “(i) It is crucial that we pass immigration reform laws immediately by all possible means, including budget reconciliation Process. We have to take action and I am ready to fight for it. "


Dear Democrats in Congress (especially Senators),

If you are not ready to support a path to citizenship as part of the reconciliation process, please save your tweets “I support #DACA recipients”.

You have the power to give us the relief we need.

Use it.

– Erika Andiola (@ErikaAndiola) July 17, 2021

Biden said in a statement following the ruling that his government “intends to appeal this decision in order to preserve and strengthen DACA. And as the court recognizes, the Department of Homeland Security plans to issue a proposed regulation on DACA in the near future. ”In the statement, the President particularly advocated reconciliation. "I have repeatedly called on Congress to pass the American Dream and Promise Act and I am now urgently renewing that call," he said. "I sincerely hope that through reconciliation or in some other way, Congress finally offers security to all dreamers who have lived in fear for too long."

Vice President Kamala Harris also specifically called in a tweet for the reconciliation to be used to support young undocumented immigrants. "It should be noted how big that is for a cause," tweeted Jose Alonso Muñoz from UWD. "Earlier this week @PressSec Psaki was non-committal on reconciliation, saying the WH would leave citizenship to Congress as it best thought it could move forward. For Biden, it is a great victory for the movement to use the word 'reconciliation'. "

The existence of permanent relief is imperative. Even if Hanen's decision allows the renewal to continue, at least for the time being, it does not guarantee a feeling of security for young immigrants. We saw DACA recipient Ju Hong lose his job with a Bay Area health department last week after USCIS failed to process his extension papers on time. CNN reports that "although his status has now been renewed, he is concerned about those whose plans have been destroyed."

"We need the Biden administration and the Democratic Congress to keep their promises to deliver citizenship for everyone and for everyone so that we don't have to be in this limbo every two years," he said in the report. "We are tired of living like this – with this fear, anxiety and stress. I can no longer wait. Enough is enough." Did you today call on Congress to support the path to citizenship for DACA recipients in the reconciliation package? Do this today by clicking here.

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