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Mitch McConnell claims Americans don't want voting laws

Senate minority leader Mitch McConnell misrepresented outrage over Republican voter suppression, arguing that Americans do not want voting laws.


Senator Mitch McConnell: "Americans want to make voting easier and cheating harder."

– The Hill (@thehill) July 19, 2021

Minority Leader McConnell said in the Senate: "Rewrite all 50 states Electoral laws or It's the same stick we had Listen here in this chamber for many years. Remember that they are sweeping Takeover offer has long been written long before any state Laws that they now claim to be cause to do so. This false outrage carries thin on the American people. Citizens know this is not the case Attack on democracy. You have claims as usual Scan voter ID And healthy electoral roll Maintenance. In addition to many early votes and mail-in voting and lots Vote for election day. That kind of combination isn't an attack on democracy. It is the definition of Democracy. It's exactly what Americans do want."

Mitch McConnell lies about the GOP's attack on voting rights

Republicans like McConnell have had the strategy of claiming that their voter suppression laws do the opposite of what they actually do. McConnell claims that state-level legislation does all sorts of wonderful things, when in reality the laws target African-American voters and voters who are more likely to vote Democrats.

Republicans lost the 2020 presidential election by nearly 8 million votes.

The outrage about the right to vote is not falsified. It is very real. Contrary to what Mitch McConnell is selling, Americans want to vote and they will back off and watch their rights be lost by the Republicans.

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