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News summary; Republicans Deny IRS Funding; the administration will appeal the DACA ruling; Racism in the police

"Let's enforce existing tax laws" is now off the table for Republican negotiators as well.

On the News Today: Senator Ron Johnson now says Republicans will not agree to increase IRS funding to prosecute tax evaders (wealthy and corporate) as part of their "bipartisan" infrastructure negotiations. The Biden government promises to appeal against a federal judge's decision declaring the DACA's immigration policy illegal. A study of police camera footage confirms that American police officers treat white Americans more kindly and respectfully than non-white Americans.

Here are some of what you might have missed:

• Republicans are reversing course, saying that a “non-partisan” infrastructure bill cannot include IRS funding

• Biden promises to appeal after the judge has ruled the DACA illegally and inflicted “hardship” on the GOP-led states

• Analysis of police bodycams confirms what blacks know: Police treat whites better

• Black Mother Says Diminishing Medical Care After Home Birth ends with around 15 police officers aiming guns near the baby

• The US could lose its prime bond rating due to the Big Lie

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