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"End this terror and release all prisoners": Lawyers close the "ICE Black Site" in New Jersey

While years of community-led efforts have resulted in the end of some ICE contracts in the region, "proponents see the transfer of detainees rather than their release," said Movimiento Cosecha. The Essex County Correctional Center said in April that it would end its contract of more than a decade, but instead of releasing detained immigrants, officials transferred them in absolute secrecy. "Not even their immigration lawyers currently know where ICE has transferred them to," groups campaigning for their release said.

On Tuesday, advocates such as Movimiento Cosecha, Abolish ICE NY-NJ, NYC ICE Watch, Never Again Action, Close the Camps and Jews for Racial and Economic Justice gathered in front of a desolate, unidentified office that they call the "black ICE site" have designated. where immigrants are detained before being transferred or deported from the state. There they blocked a main exit in order to hinder the transport of immigrants. When officers tried to use a back exit, lawyers blocked that one too.

"We successfully blocked all ICE activities at their black location in New Jersey during the morning deportation window." No more action tweeted. "TThe vans that would have brought people for transfer or deportation did not even come out of the parking lot. And your landlord knows: We'll be back. "


BREAKING: Cosecha immigrant activists and allies block the unmarked ICE black site in New Jersey, preventing all push-off trucks from reaching Newark Airport.

Hidden in sight, ICE continues to terrorize 11 million undocumented people – and they won't stop until Biden acts.

– ✡️ Never again action ✡️ (@NeverAgainActn) July 20, 2021


BREAKING: Our blockade of the deportation side of the ICE works! No push-off trucks were able to leave for Newark Airport, and we just blocked this ICE van from entering.

We're in two hours and we're just getting started.

Follow @CosechaMovement and this thread for live updates.

– ✡️ Never again action ✡️ (@NeverAgainActn) July 20, 2021

The Biden government is also facing a lawsuit from the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU), the ACLU of New Jersey and the National Immigration Project of the National Lawyers Guild on this transfer practice.

"The lawsuit cites violations of due process and immigration and citizenship law," groups, " said, noting that ICE has a history of posting immigrants in remote regions of the nationwhich deliberately makes it difficult for them to reach relatives, advocacy groups and legal counsel. "The groups are urging the court to prevent ICE from transferring immigrant detainees in Essex, represented by a lawyer, to facilities more than 100 miles away." The groups called the transfers "illegal".


We call this an ICE "Black Site" because it is an unidentified, unlisted office in a desolate industrial district in Newark. ICE vans, which often transport prisoners in the middle of the night, are not marked.

We must end this terror and release all prisoners!

– Movimiento Cosecha (@CosechaMovement) July 20, 2021

Lawyers said that among those recently targeted by ICE is Alex Kamara, who has been transferred to Arizona from a local facility. "They made us sign papers from Frelinghuysen Avenue (where today's action took place)," he said. “About six guys jumped at us, rammed us into the street. And then we were handcuffed and handcuffed and they drove us to Newark Airport. ”Kamara had been critical of the treatment of detained immigrants. Lawyers say "Transfers are also a method that ICE uses to take revenge against people who organize and demand freedom. "

"I live in fear every day, fear that they will move my husband and that I will no longer be able to see him." said Laura Julney. Her husband, Patrick has been imprisoned in Bergen for over two years. "The only time we're truly at peace is when we see each other smile and laugh and find a moment of escape in each other's eyes." The state legislature has taken important steps to curb the abuses of the ICE by passing a historic law that would prohibit new ICE contracts as well as the extension of existing agreements. The Democratic Governor Phil Murphy has not yet signed it.


After years of organizing immigrants, @GovMurphy's desk has a law banning ICE contracts in New Jersey. He just has to sign it.

☎️ Call Murphy's office and tell him to sign the law to end New Jersey's collaboration with ICE: 609-292-6000 ☎️https: //

– ✡️ Never again action ✡️ (@NeverAgainActn) July 20, 2021

"With this vote, our lawmakers recognize that we cannot continue to expose New Jersey residents to the humiliation and civil rights violations associated with immigration detention, and we cannot continue to allow families to be separated from loved ones," the ACLU said from New Jersey's Ami Kachalia. "We urge Governor Murphy to sign this bill as soon as possible to ensure that New Jersey families hold together and that all people are treated with dignity."

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