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The Biden administrator reportedly waived the phasing out of Stephen Miller's anti-asylum policy

As recently as last Friday, public health experts and advocates urged the Biden government to end the Title 42 policy and noted it has inflicted Disproportionate harm to black immigrants. The Biden government's first deportation flights included Haitian asylum seekers, including children. They were expelled as part of the policy.

"As a practicing doctor who tests and treats many patients infected with Covid, I know that the entry ban under Title 42 has no scientific or public basis." Dr. Kate Sugarman said last week. Dr. Vinu Ilakkuvan of Public Health Awakened said that “(B) Blocking asylum access on the basis of false public health claims builds on a long history in this country of scapegoating and targeting immigrant communities during pandemics and other crises by calling them disease vectors. "

However, as noted by Human Rights Watch, a former Pence employee admitted that the policy was enforced by force. Not my word, hers. "'They forced us," said a former health officer who was involved in the process Associated press. 'Either do it or get fired.' "

The Biden government has failed to provide valid reasons for continuing the policies advocates continue to call for in the face of the report. "Sorry, if the administrator claims COVID as a legitimate basis for maintaining Title 42, he must explain why CDC scientists refused to sign up at all," tweeted Ben Orlebeke from Kids in Need of Defense. "It is deeply worrying that the Biden administrator is choosing to continue dangerous and illegal evictions, ”tweeted Kennji Kizuka of Human Rights First. "@ humanrights1st has followed reports of 3,275+ rape, kidnapping and other attacks against migrants and asylum seekers who have been expelled or blocked in Mexico (during the Biden administration) for Title 42.

The Post reported that the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) said the Biden government could face further legal action if deportations continue under the directive. "If the CDC is to proceed with Title 42, they must be prepared for a lawsuit and answer very specific questions in a testimony whether they really believe there is no way to safely treat asylum seekers," said ACLU attorney Lee Learned in the report.

The Biden government also said this week that it is seeking to expedite certain newly arriving families quickly through a procedure known as expedited deportation. This has been criticized by groups like Amnesty International USA. Human Rights First said the US cruelly and swiftly evicts asylum seekers when our nation has the tremendous resources and ability to safely accommodate families, children, and those seeking safety. As mentioned earlier, migrants who recently entered Texas are given the vaccine voluntarily, and those who test positive are quarantined at hotels by shuttles.

"At the same time, DHS has significant resources to admit and register asylum seekers and release them to communities along the border and across the country that are waiting with unused housing and unused volunteer networks," Human Rights First told First earlier this month. “You are ready to host and welcome the families, adults and children seeking refuge on the US southern border in a dignified and safe environment to welcome these asylum seekers and help them achieve their destination in the Paso To reach the United States. "

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