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Opinion: John Kennedy foolishly reveals that Republican attacks on women are purely religious and unconstitutional

Last Wednesday, the Senate Judiciary Committee held hearings for some of President Joe Biden's candidates. These nominees included Hampton Dellinger, who served as assistant attorney general in the Department of Justice's Office of Legal Policy.

No doubt Mr. Dellinger expected to be properly pierced by the Republican Senators, for he is a progressive and devout Catholic who stands up for the rights of all Americans. That includes women, of course, and that's where the trouble began.

A sanctimonious bag of Louisiana feces serving as U.S. Senator John Kennedy was ready and waiting to be pilloried on Mr Dellinger for a tweet he rightly claimed that Republican men were the driving force behind Abortion restrictions are. His tweet, "If there were no Republican men in office, there would be no abortion bans," Kennedy rubbed in the wrong direction.

Of course, that's the truth of the gospel, but Senator John Kennedy hit a raw religious patriarchal nerve. He read the tweet aloud, then went down a path that revealed his theocratic and obviously hypocritical way of thinking. Kennedy asked Mr. Dellinger:

"Do you think my votes about abortion are based on wanting to control women?"

Mr. Dellinger replied that he “cannot speak about it”. So the patriarchal senator replied, "Then why did you say it before God and the land?"

Mr. Dellinger replied that, in his opinion, the decisions of the Supreme Court were intended to protect the Reproduction rights "are important".

Then Kennedy made two serious mistakes. First he asked Mr. Dellinger:

"Do you believe in God?"

When Dellinger said to him: "I believe, I believe." Kennedy exploded:

“Many have confidence. Has it ever occurred to you that some people can base their position on abortion on their faith? "

Kennedy revealed a fact already known to most Americans about Republicans' intent to control women by erasing their right to rule over their own reproductive health. Republican opposition to women's suffrage is based purely on religion. Legislation in conformity with religion has no place on earth except in a theocratic dictatorship like Afghanistan, Iran and the fictional theocratic America called Gilead. The 1st Amendment to the United States Constitution strictly prohibits religious law.

Kennedy had no right to ask Mr. Dellinger if he believed in God because it is "expressly forbidden" under the United States Constitution, Article VI, which clearly states:

"No religious test should ever be required to qualify for office or public trust in the United States."

Kennedy's request violated the "No Religious Test" clause of the US Constitution and he can never say that he was ignorant of Article VI because Kennedy only mentioned the clause three years ago.

When "Servant" Amy Coney Barrett appeared before the Senate Judiciary Committee in 2017, several Democratic senators, aware of Coney-Barrett's desire to live in an America resembling "Gilead," asked if her extremist Catholic beliefs her duties as a fair lawyer. Four outraged Republican senators resisted questioning, claiming that asking these kinds of questions amounted to an unconstitutional religious test.

Then in 2020, Barrett appeared before the same committee to be confirmed as an associate judge on the Supreme Court. The Republicans were fully aware of the Maid Barrett's Gilead aspirations and warned that any questions about her extremist beliefs would be against the Constitution.

Several of the Republican senators, including the bitch's son, John Kennedy, argued that asking such questions about Barrett's ability to serve without imposing religion on the country would amount to religious bigotry against Catholics. In fact, that filthy Constitutional Traitor Josh Hawley said it would be a bigoted attack on their beliefs to ask Barrett about the groundbreaking Supreme Court ruling establishing a right to contraception, Griswold v. Connecticut.

Republicans are generally hypocrites; they just can't help themselves. However, Kennedy not only exposed his blatant hypocrisy and violated the US Constitution's prohibition on religious scrutiny in order to serve public trust, he revealed right there "before God and the county" that he actually wants to control women according to his religion.

This is the first time in recent times that a Republican has openly confessed that his urge to control women stems from a flawed religious belief nowhere to be found in the Christian Bible, dear to his patriarchal black heart keep pretending.

This is an event that is public knowledge and should serve as a valuable weapon against any attempt by Republicans to prohibit a woman's right to control her own reproductive health. John Kennedy made a grave mistake and one can only hope that it hits him right in the religious face again.

Sound engineer and trainer for SAE. Writes op / ed comments that support secular humanist concerns and expose the oppression of women, the poor, and minorities. An advocate of religious freedom and especially religious freedom.

Born in the South, raised in the Midwest and California to get a comprehensive look at America; it does not look good.

Former clergyman, lifelong musician, Mahayana Zen Buddhist.

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