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Thanks to Trump, the future of the GOP doesn't look very bright for Republican voters

That 18 percent sliver of GOP voters looking to rid the entire party of Trump has remained remarkably consistent since the beginning of the year. In February, a Politico / Morning Consult poll found that while 59% of Republicans wanted Trump to play an "important role" in the party, 17% said they "no longer" wanted him to play any role .

Interviews conducted for the AP poll suggest that Trump's split and unfounded election lies could squeeze the GOP vote on both ends of the Trump spectrum – among his most devout supporters and never-trumpers alike.

Nicholas Blthrow, a 28-year-old Republican from Orange County, California, described the party as "pretty much a disaster". and said his continued efforts to overthrow the 2020 elections were "ridiculous".

“Of course there are a lot of people who like him. But I don't like it " Blethrow said.

Reedsville, Wisconsin, native Dennis Herzog, 36, is a staunch Republican but also said he finds the constant tension between the parties stressful and dismayed through “the whole system in general”.

“It goes on all the time,” said Herzog. “I don't care who is in office. Just do the right thing for people and stop voting on certain sites. "

The repeated finding from polls about Trump is the fact that while he remains a powerful figure in the Republican Party, his dominant presence also poses real challenges to the GOP. As Washington Republicans continue to seek to get Trump to speak about the future, his constant insulting the 2020 election continues to sow doubt about the electoral system among his supporters. At the same time, a notable sliver of GOP voters wish they would just dry up and walk away even if their party played on his antics.

Ideally, GOP voters would get upset about President Joe Biden at this point, but Trump is still in the limelight – and that could prove detrimental to GOP hopes through 2022.

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