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Meghan McCain Destroys Dems – Says She Has A Better Chance Of Getting Shot In DC Than COVID

On Friday's episode of ABC talk show "The View," conservative co-host Meghan McCain shredded the Democrats for pushing for masked mandates to be reintroduced while ignoring the rise in urban crime across America.

McCain even went so far as to say that in Washington, D.C., where she currently lives, she has a greater chance of being shot than she would contract the coronavirus.

McCain finishes off

"I think the White House should be honest with America and say there is no going back to normal and that taking the mask off was just a ruse and there will likely be lockdowns, and again … if you don't want to." unfortunately, if you don't want to live under those mandates you will likely have to move to a state where they won't, ”McCain began.

"I wish there was some energy from the Democrats, especially in Washington, DC, where I am now, (on) the violence and the homicide rate, because honestly, I have a higher chance of getting shot, this building when I got to get COVID, "she added. “From July 14th to 28th, in Washington, D.C. four COVID deaths and eleven murders. "

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McCain doubles

McCain went on to say that while there are "many problems and many ways to die", it appears that Democrats only care about COVID-19 deaths and downplay crime.

“I wish the Democrats would take care of that, too,” McCain said, later adding, “I have very little hope that we will pull out of this business… Unfortunately, this is the new normal until we get another lead in white House, I don't have high hopes that this will ever end. "

It came after the CDC recommended earlier this week that people vaccinated against COVID-19 should also wear masks indoors again, according to Fox News. This resulted in many Democrats across the country pushing for mask mandates to be reinstated.

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See McCain's full comments on this below.

"To be honest, I have a higher chance of getting shot leaving this building than of Covid." – @MeghanMcCain on "Violence Underway" in Washington, D.C.

– Mediaite (@Mediaite) July 30, 2021

This piece was written by James Samson on July 31st, 2021. It originally appeared in LifeZette and is used with permission.

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