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DeSantis did it: he finally got a Florida pandemic surge that will surpass all others

DeSantis has signed new ordinances and laws that remove vaccination and masking requirements imposed by most other state entities. (His orders steadfastly avoid messing with the Walt Disney Company, however; even DeSantis knows that a shot at Disney will result in someone being buried twelve feet under the concrete foundations of the newest Splash Mountain) the cruise ship industry to ensure that their guests may not need to be vaccinated before welcoming them to the world's most efficient disease spread mechanism is among the most famous; his new order banning mask requirements in Florida schools, even if the pandemic intensifies again, could prove to be the most momentous.

But if there is any question of whether DeSantis is countering public safety measures during a global health emergency merely as a political stunt aimed at its conspiracy robberies, the sale of "Don't Fauci My Florida" swag through its political committee should do so respond. Shit, experts suggesting the lowest possible security measures in a time of 600,000 US deaths. Our family members didn't die in two world wars for a world where I briefly had to wear clothes on my face in a grocery store.

Anyway, if you haven't heard, the shit is now ahead of the curve in Florida (again), and it's a direct result of every one of DeSantis' steps to eliminate pandemic emergency measures while attacking those who are masking , Vaccines, and social media encourage distancing as anti-American oppressors. The Florida pandemic has now broken all-time records set during the massive surge last winter. About twenty percent of all new COVID-19 cases in the US occur in cities under DeSantis & # 39; Mandate. It was absolutely huge, and DeSantis has only reacted with renewed insistence that no matter how bad it gets or how many Florida residents die, he will not give in to orders that prevent cities and businesses from taking their own security measures.

It's very, very, very bad and it's getting worse.


Too late in FL to sensibly mitigate. FL has 2,038 intensive care units. FL needs to position itself to deal with the potential of 3-4 weeks of congested health systems: plan for hospital care, especially pediatric capacity. Neighboring states are tense and will soon no longer be able to help.

– Thomas P. Bossert (@TomBossert) July 31, 2021

Meanwhile, the rest of the Republican Brain Trust in Florida is dismissing the state's recent surge as "hysteria" because "serious illnesses seem close to zero" among vaccinated Americans.


We have media hysteria about Covid “cases” because “bad news” is selling

But what matters is not how many people have Covid, but how many people are seriously ill

The real story here is that the risk of developing serious illness appears to be close to zero for those who are fully vaccinated

– Marco Rubio (@marcorubio) August 2, 2021

Yeah, um … Florida hospitals don't panic because they're now overflowing with vaccinated, healthy Floridaians. You treat the unvaccinated people who listened to Ron DeSantis and other Republicans when those Republicans labeled the pandemic as "hysteria" from each of the 600,000 previous deaths.

Something is going to break in Florida, and it's probably going to be the hospitals. DeSantis and the other Republicans in the state have signaled that there is no way they will allow cities to take any further emergency measures offices, schools and businesses regardless of DeSantis orders – so after all hell breaks loose and DeSantis has nothing more to say.

Other states are also seeing pandemic spikes, and there is little speculation as to why. After COVID-19 vaccines became generally available to the public, states eased security measures for those vaccinated against pandemics. This, of course, resulted in large numbers of unvaccinated Americans emulating the same non-measures, and now a portion of these Americans are sitting in hospital beds, along with a significant number of children too young for the vaccine and too powerless to have much say in it whether the adults around them will infect them.

But DeSantis is a special case. The political media, apparently made up entirely of people too weak and gullible to make it on any other loft, flattered everyone at DeSantis & # 39; Declaration of victory over the virus as if he were somehow not just a cheap, grumbling sack of ambition, determined to drive the resentment of his political base against self-sacrifice into as many new pandemic swings as it takes to catapult him into the top position of the party . We were told time and time again that Florida's "approach" to doing damn little and shouting about it had proven effective and impressive as long as it skipped the parts of mass death and incompetent, almost malicious, state banter.

DeSantis is not moved by the new wave. He and the other top Republicans in the state will prop the new corpses as trophies for their party's supposed victory: Florida may overflow the state's hospitals, but it's a small price to pay for the right to sell political booty, the health professionals ridiculed, like repressive overseers, whose mask duty and social distancing warnings are specifically designed for trying to make conservatives feel guilty.

If you're in Florida, vaccinated or not, lock yourself up. Wear the mask in public. Don't go anywhere you don't have to. If you haven't been vaccinated, get vaccinated right away. The hospitals are filling up and there will be no more room for you. Spend the next four weeks taking care of yourself because God knows your state government doesn't care what's lurking at your door.

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