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Fox host Kurtz criticizes Geraldo and others for shaming people who refuse to be vaccinated

Many Americans have so far refused to be vaccinated. As a result, the pandemic continues to worsen, especially in areas with large Republicans.

Fox News, of course, doesn't want to blame its viewers for not getting recordings. Instead, the network has continued to show reluctance to vaccinate. And many attempts have been made to blame blacks and Hispanics for the rising number of cases.

During his Sunday show, Howard Kurtz defended those who refuse to be vaccinated and slammed media personalities who put these people to shame.

During a panel discussion, Kurtz began: "I knew it, from the moment I knew that CNNs Don lemon denounced unvaccinated Americans because of them idiotic behavior that we got caught in a wave of anger against those who didn't get the shots. "

The host continued: "It is different in the feel that there is conventional wisdom in the media that only the Republicans are over Democrats who are more tired. When you interview people than that The New York Times makes a story Today you will find out that people are concerned that the FDA did not give a final Admission what are the side effects can be when they are in the country Area they may not have access to. What about media people like don Lemon, Piers Morgan that are say you didn't get it shot, you are arrogant, selfish, ignorant how does that help Location?"

Fox host Howard Kurtz criticizes the media for shaming people who refuse to be vaccinated.

– PoliticusUSA (@politicususa) August 1, 2021

The Fox network has continued to give its viewers an off-ramp for denying vaccines. Kurtz's Sunday segment was just another example of this.

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