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The government spends $ 180,000 of your tax dollars studying Tanzania's poultry products

By Adam Andrezejewski for RealClearPolicy

Have you ever wondered about the supply chain and market system for poultry meat and eggs in Tanzania?

Someone is going to research it with $ 180,000 from the Department of Agriculture.

The USDA is funding the grant to use "quantitative, qualitative, and mixed-method approaches to research existing trade barriers, gaps in technical assistance, and capacity building to increase the availability of poultry products for Tanzanian consumers through increased local production and imports."

The Grantee will work with the USDA's Foreign Agricultural Service to interview importers, distributors, wholesalers, retailers, institutional buyers, food manufacturers and processors, local governments and trade associations, policy makers and consumers.

The research program will deal with the domestic suppliers and importers of poultry meat and eggs in Tanzania as well as transhipment to and from neighboring countries.

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Researchers will examine the market for US agricultural exports of poultry products to Tanzania and consider how that market can be expanded.

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You will examine Tanzania's agricultural trade policies for poultry meat, eggs and feed, "and how these policies could be affected by the recent change of government".

In the end, the researchers recommend methods that the Tanzanian Department of Livestock and Fisheries Development can identify trade opportunities and market trends in order to improve mutual trade with the United States.

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