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Biden responds to Governor Whom? And bursts into laughter when asked about Ron DeSantis

President Biden sent a clear message to Governor Ron DeSantis when he spoke to DeSantis & # 39; harsh talk responded by answering the governor whom.

"Governor who?"

Video from Biden:

Here is the president responding to my question about @GovRonDeSantis by using Biden's words against him to say that DeSantis "stands in the way" of the COVID rules. President Biden: "Governor Who?" Regard.

NBC News' Kelly O & # 39; Donnell asked President Biden about Governor Ron DeSantis, saying he would stand in the way of introducing COVID security measures, and Biden replied, "Governor who?" Then the President started laughing.

President Biden crushed Ron DeSantis like a bug

President Biden knows that DeSantis is trying to rise through an argument with the president. DeSantis wants to run for president in 2024 and tries to show the Republicans that he can meet Biden on an equal footing. The problem is that Ron DeSantis is a political lightweight.

Donald Trump was a sitting president and Republican heavyweight, and Biden blew him up in a landslide.

Ron DeSantis is set to use the star of a popular Florida tourist attraction, Mickey Mouse.

President Biden's message was clear. Ron DeSantis is not in the same class as the current president, and Biden will not allow his office to be used to raise Florida's COVID dealer of death.

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