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Overwhelmed, Florida's DeSantis is now leading a catastrophic new COVID-19 surge

On Tuesday, President Joe Biden diagonally referred to Off-Brand Trump when he urged state officials unwilling to help contain the current surge in the pandemic to at least "get out of the way." This greatly angered DeSantis, or at least to collect donation letters, and his reaction seems already destined to be considered one of the defining burps of his political career.

"Why don't you make this limit safely and until you do that, I don't want to hear any reference to Covid from you," DeSantis wailed.

That's it? Is this the big comeback? It's one of the ten stupidest political responses I've ever heard, and I had to listen to Sarah Palin. You could almost see the gears in DeSantis & # 39; Hear his head crunch as he reached for an answer, only to clink through the most general of all conservative topics of conversation and get dropped in his mouth.

What the hell dude. That was pathetic.

It was like hearing Jack the Ripper grunt so much that I hardly believe you have any right to weigh my series of murders against the tariffs of these days, Harumph.

It wasn't a political comeback. It was a Republican National Committee fundraising yell recorded on a talking birthday card, shoved into the mouth of a discarded Chuck E. Cheese animatronics, and stepped out of the back of a moving truck onto a Florida interstate. Do it again, you cheap hacker.

The problem for DeSantis, unless it's not a problem because, as is well documented at this point, Ron DeSantis doesn't care that the Florida pandemic is really explosive. Florida is approaching a peak in the pandemic that could even eclipse this winter's numbers. One in five US COVID-19 cases is now under the jurisdiction of DeSantis, hospitals and other health resources are warning they are facing crisis conditions and the state is moving forward with vaccinations in large part because of DeSantis & # 39; lagging behind its own sneering political attacks on health officials.

Despite all of this, DeSantis has continued to focus its attention on orders preventing schools and cities from even charging masks, but ensuring an immediate new spike in schools opening. The man was obsessed with appeasing the worst of the Republican base, regardless of how many deaths his orders caused. And we cannot even wonder about this, for a significant part of his party, which oppresses coups, supports insurrection, spreads conspiracies and creates propaganda, has bluntly stated that pandemic deaths are the price the nation must pay if the alternative is that Wearing a cloth mask during a national crisis.

Much ink has been spilled on the victims of the avowed Greatest Generation, the generation that won the war against fascism. What will the current Republic base be known for? My right to ignore safety measures during a national emergency trumps your children's right to life, we suppose it won't be engraved on a Florida memorial in half a century. Perhaps DeSantis can at least patriotically stack the corpses of the dead.

What about the border. Pfft. That is so outrageous about the current state of the Republican Party. It has the intellectual weight of chewing gum paper. Their leaders, incompetently, can make any national problem worse and be rewarded for it, as long as they belch something out afterwards, like the immigrants, or the border, or haughty black protesters all along. An entire movement based on incompetent burping to the point where the Fox News base gets angry when one of its leaders dares to do something else.

We definitely need to consider border security. Florida has too long a border with the rest of the United States, its leaders continue to treat the deaths of 600,000 Americans as insignificant nothing that doesn't deserve their attention, and even before that surge it was the source of countless infections from countless springs breaking gatherings and conventions and other dangerous ventures. Close the damn line already. If DeSantis believes that the most pressing problem his state faces today is the state of its borders, lock the borders tight like a drum until he and his deathly allies find the pandemic "victory" DeSantis has always insisted on already presided.


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