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Trump wants his supporters to wear fascist cards that look soaked in blood

Trump wants his supporters to wear “Save America” cards that suggest bloody patriotic images and look fascist.

"Trump cards" carry more dangerous pictures than the usual fundraising gimmick

Business Insider reported:

“The card you choose will be worn by patriots across the country. You will be a token of your dedicated support for our movement for SAVE AMERICA and I trust you wholeheartedly, ”Trump wrote in the first email.

… ..

"We recently met with the president in his Florida office and showed him four drafts," the email continues. “We originally planned to publish just one design, but when President Trump saw the cards on his desk, he said, 'These are NICE. We should let the American people decide – they ALWAYS know best! ""

The cards look fascist and violent

One of the designs stands out as it looks like Trump is bathing the American flag in blood:

Trump leans more towards fascism after 1/6

These cards are more than the usual fundraising gimmick for political parties. Trump cards are not red-white-blue. You don't have Trump's face. They are not happy and uplifting.

The cards Trump is selling seem to bathe American patriotic images in blood.

Mary Trump recently labeled her uncle and the Republican Party as fascist, and these cards appear to be an attempt to glorify the fascist attempt to end the government on Jan.

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