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Opinion: Trump supporters plan to return to the Capitol in a "huge protest", "where it all began"

Republicans are desperate to convince Americans that the January 6 uprising and attempted coup never took place. And for Americans who know it happened, they move the proverbial sky and solid earth to either make people forget or to pretend it's a church ice cream society.

Apparently, the news never reached a group of Trump supporters who promise to "return to the Capitol" to protest in support of the alleged "political prisoners" charged in the January 6 riot.

The announcement of the "huge" protest came from Trump's former data chief in the 2016 election campaign. Matt Braynard told former Trump supporter Steve Bannon:

“We're going back to the Capitol, right where it started. And it's going to be huge. "The" huge "protest is celebrated as" JusticeforJ6 ".

According to Braynard, the “giant” protest has two specific purposes that are not unrelated to various Republican narratives, that the uprising was not actually a violent uprising, and that the accused are being unfairly treated as “political prisoners”. Braynard said:

“As we continue to sharpen the profiles of these people who have been arrested, it is becoming increasingly difficult for the left's false narrative about a riot to capture. We will push back the false story that there was a riot. "

It is evident that Braynard listened carefully to the false retelling of the fatal attack on the Trump Republicans' Capitol. In fact, it is evident that he must have taken a page from the Trump Republicans' book of lies, claiming January 6th was nothing to upset Americans about.

To hear Braynard and many Trump Republicans say it The images that all Americans have seen of Trump supporters ripping apart the Capitol and beating cops are lies.

In fact, Braynard Steve Bannon said that Trump's insurgents were "largely peaceful" despite being "spurred on by the Capitol Police."

Braynard knows the uprising was not peaceful, and he is either incredibly foolish to believe someone will believe his false story or he is a highly paid provocateur; it's probably a lot of both. The images of beaten police officers and Trump thugs entering the Capitol cannot be considered peaceful by anyone. Even Senate minority leader Mitch McConnell accurately described the January 6th in a speech in the Senate.

As for Braynard's claim that Trump's attempted coup was not an insurrection, the legal definition rightly describes exactly what happened after Trump incited his followers to "fight harder". A riot is:

“An uprising or rebellion by citizens against their government, which usually manifests itself in acts of violence. It is a federal crime to incite, assist, or participate in such behavior against the United States. "

The huge protest "JusticeforJ6" is to take place on the West Lawn of the Capitol. This is the same place where Trump's insurgents advanced on the Capitol right after ordering Trump to go there and "fight much harder."

Braynard told the Huffington Post that the protest supports all of those "nonviolent" Capitol attackers who have been arrested and charged. Braynard claims that these insurgents are "political prisoners".

One of these “nonviolent attackers” is of course the terrorist Ashli ​​Babbit, who crawled through a broken window of a barricaded door to lead the attack on members of Congress. When a mob of Trump's insurgents shouted “Let's go” and “F * ck the blue,” a Capitol police officer warned terrorist Babbit to stop before he fatally shot her.

Although the Capitol Police Officer was acquitted of all wrongdoing, Braynard joins a chorus of Trump acolytes who continue to claim that Babbit was "executed".

Braynard claims to have already obtained permission to hold the "rally" from the Metropolitan Police Department (MPD) "until the last controls on the day of the protest". However, a spokesman for the MPD did not want to confirm that a permit had been approved and said: "The department is aware of the protest but cannot discuss permits or security plans".

It remains to be seen whether JusticeForJ6's protest will actually bear fruit, but it is clear that the attempt to pretend it happened on Jan.

If the protest is successful, law enforcement will undoubtedly come into effect and take seriously the risk of further uprising; mostly because Trump's supporters believe he is destined to be reinstated in the White House. What can go wrong

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