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Rick Scott humiliates Trump because he refuses to make him the leader of the GOP. to call

Senator Rick Scott humiliated Trump by refusing to call him the party's leader and not giving him credit for Senate Republican fundraising.

Scott was asked if Trump was the leader of the Republican Party.

He replied, “I think that Voters of the leaders. Here's what's interesting. I ran as an outsider in 2010, and Everyone supported my opponent every republican in the country and they all said, oh, he would – You know all the leaders that have chosen him as that Heir to the throne and he was that Republican Party leader I was in Florida at the time can win because I left and I did told people what I thought they were wanted someone to do it. The next choice that22 choice which is & # 39; 24 choice who has the right background In the right time. The voter is the leader of the Party. "

To get the point home, Scott also disagreed with Trump's Senate-fundraising loan claim.There are a lot of people who President was helpful, however there are a lot of people who were helpful and if you look at the republicans everywhere Country, we collect money because people are fed up with it the Biden agenda. You know it's not good for their families, they don't want to Open borders, close schools. You don't want any of this Inflation, they want someone that would help the Cuban people, so that is why – I mean, that's why we are & # 39; 22 will have a great victory, and that's where we build Money. "

Trump is not the leader of the party, and he's just one of the people who helped raise funds. Trump is not the party's leader. He's just a guy.

Trump is so toxic that even Rick Scott backs away

If you want proof of Trump's toxicity, check out Rick Scott trying to distance the party's hopes from Trump in 2022 and 2024.

Republicans want Trump voters, but they know Trump will lose the elections for them, so they try to appeal to the Trump grassroots without hugging Trump.

Good luck with it.

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