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News Summary: Climate Change Is Here; The global focus must now shift to preventing the worst crises

Uncontrollable fires and record floods are now a "new normal" in the US weather pattern. Without immediate global action, both will get much, much worse.

On the News Today: The latest IPCC climate report paints a bleak picture, with a fair chance, that current catastrophic weather events will not only persist but continue to get worse, thanks in no small part to past world inactivity – and the time frame around catastrophic climate collapse Evade has been shortened so that it can only take 20 years. The only solution? Immediate and overwhelming human action. Senate Democrats are nearing a $ 3.5 trillion budget plan for reconciliation that includes massive infrastructure improvements to contain and counteract these climate changes. Calls to hold Trump responsible for attempting to cancel an election continue to mount, with new evidence that Trump's team actually devised a plan to do just that. It was supposed to be a coup.

Here are some of what you might have missed:

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