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Texas Democrats suing Abbott state governor for "fear, distress, discomfort"

Texas Democrats who fled the state to avoid voting on a GOP-backed voter integrity bill have a lawsuit against Texas Governor Greg Abbott, Texas House Speaker Dade Phelan, and State Representative James White submitted.

The lawsuit, filed by over 20 Democratic members of the State House, said Abbott's efforts to bring them back to Texas for a special legislative session "violated their constitutional rights."

In the lawsuit, the 22 Democratic officials allege that they "have been deprived of their liberty for considerable periods of time, have suffered a great deal of fear and concern about separation from their families, and a great deal of discomfort and embarrassment."

And since the color sees an opportunity to draw the race card, the color also claims that several of the Democrats have been targeted for their race, but there is no evidence of this.

The Texas Tribune reports that the Democratic attorney allegedly practices law under a suspended license.

The Texas Supreme Court denied the Democrats' motion to lift my veto on legislative funding because the Democrats have stopped doing their job.

Unlike democrats and experts, my veto was legal.

Now is the time for the Democrats to get back to work.https: //

– Greg Abbott (@GregAbbott_TX) August 10, 2021

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Texas Democrat Caucus fled to DC before voting

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Last month, the Texas House Democrats fled to Washington D.C. hoping to withhold a quorum on a Republican-led voter integrity bill.

Governor Abbott said that if the lawmakers returned to Texas they would be arrested and taken to the Capitol to vote.

Abbott stated, "As soon as they return to the state, they will be arrested and taken back to the Capitol and we will do business."

The Texas Democrats, who fled the state to prevent a Republican election law from going into effect, have now sued Governor Greg Abbott. The lawsuit is really funny. Thread:

– Byron York (@ByronYork) August 8, 2021

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The unity among the members begins to fade

Cracks in Democratic unity became visible on Monday. A good number of the members remain in Washington, but some had returned to Texas when a Travis County judge issued an order blocking the arrest of members.

Enough members of the Democratic House had returned so that there were 95 members in plenary by Monday afternoon. The House thus achieved the required quorum of five members. Four Democrats were included in the total number of members present.

Those who still opposed going back to Austin were vocal about the actions of their colleagues who had done so. State MP Ana-Maria Ramos tweeted: “You threw us all under the bus today! Why? "State MP Gina Hinojosa also tweeted:" The quorum has still not been reached. I pray that no other Democrats will voluntarily go down on the ground. "

Texas Lt. Gov. Patrick criticizes the Democrats for suing Abbott for demanding their return to work

– Fox News (@FoxNews) August 8, 2021

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The latest in standoff

As things stand now, Governor Abbott says he will continue to convene special sessions of the state legislature until the Democrats come back to vote.

On Monday, Abbott and House Speaker Phelan appealed to the Texas Supreme Court to overturn the district judge's order preventing Abbott from arresting lawmakers on return to Texas.

The case will not be heard before the local court until August 20.

Texas Attorney General Judd E. Stone II argued in an urgency motion to the Texas Supreme Court that the delay "virtually guarantees that no significant legislation will be passed during this session."

The state has requested that the state high court block the district judge's order by 5:00 p.m. at the latest. on Tuesday. But not all Democrats will be returning to Austin. The Texas Tribune reports that State Representatives Julie Johnson and Jessica Gonzalez are vacationing in Portugal with Johnson's wife and Gonzalez & # 39; fiancé.

AUSTIN, Texas (AP) – Texas Democrats again fail to appear at the State Capitol as Republicans make third attempt to pass new electoral laws.

– Kyle Griffin (@ kylegriffin1) August 7, 2021

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